After the return of B-Komachi, anime fans need to check out these 15 titles like Oshi No Ko that are all about the showbiz industry.

There’s no reason why your idol-obsession has to end with Oshi No Ko – here are 15 of the best anime titles set within the cutthroat entertainment industry that you need to check out next!

Ruby, Kana, and Memcho practice a dance routine
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Zombieland Saga (2018)

Zombieland Saga explores what happens when an egotistical producer is so desperate for the next superstar idol group that he decides to exhume the bodies of six dead pop stars and ‘revive’ them.

Love Live School Idol Project (2013)

When a school threatens to close its doors due to fewer and fewer students enrolling, a group of enthusiastic young girls hope to save their failing institution by forming a brand new idol group.

Ya Boy Kongming! (2022)

What happens when an ancient Chinese general is reincarnated into the modern world? He uses his knowledge of military strategy and warring factions to manage and promote a rising pop star…Of course.

Phantom of the Idol (2022)

As one half of an idol duo begins to get lazy and focuses solely on money, it will take the ghost of a former pop star possessing his body to regain motivation in the hopes of becoming the best idol that the world has ever seen.

Perfect Blue (1998)

When a member of a popular idol group leaves the music industry to pursue acting, things appear to be going well…Until a deranged stalker enters the mix, unable to acknowledge that she has left the band.

The Idolmaster (2011)

13 different rising pop stars form the next generation of idols under 765 Production Management, but finding the right work-life balance with so many group members is harder than it appears on screen.

Skip Beat! (2008)

After having her heart broken by a male idol who she used to be a maid for, the only way to get revenge is for the young Kyouko to enter the showbiz industry and make her own dreams a reality.

Love Stage!! (2014)

His entire family is in the showbiz industry, but that’s a life that Izumi hasn’t thought about in over 10 years since his last acting job. Unfortunately, a shock reunion with an old castmate is about to pull the disinterested actor back into the limelight.

Dakaichi (2018)

An accomplished actor and ‘Sexiest Man of the Year’ for the past five years seems to have it all until a newbie starts to steal the limelight. Not wanting to be outdone, the veteran actor begins a rivalry with the rising star only to find out that his competitor has romantic intentions too.

Uta no Prince Sama (2011)

Rural composer Haruka dreams of becoming a famous songwriter and joins an esteemed academy in the hopes of winning a place at a production agency, the only problem is that every other student also has the same dream too.

Idolish7 (2018)

On her first day working at her father’s production company, a young girl is surprised to find out that she is managing a new idol group that includes seven male artists. Determined not to see any of them cut, she must figure out the best way to promote her new talent.

Ensemble Stars (2019)

At an all-boys entertainment academy where prestige and talent are everything, transfer student Anzu becomes the only female pupil at the school only to realize that the student council is doing everything they can to stop her from becoming successful.

Life Lessons with Uramichi-Oniisan (2021)

Whilst the ‘Together with Mama’ children’s show appears to be all sunshine and rainbows, the lives of the adult cast members behind the costumes and fake smiles grow ever darker.

Idoly Pride (2021)

After his star idol is tragically killed, a production manager turns to her younger sister to carry on their dreams and become the center of a new group. The only problem is that idols in this industry, are ranked according to AI algorithms.

White Album (2009)

What happens when one half of a high school relationship is a world-famous idol, and the other is a regular student struggling to pay their bills? Can the romance survive, or is it destined to fail?

All episodes from Oshi No Ko season 1 are now available on HiDive, season 2 has also been confirmed to be in production.

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