The Oshi No Ko manga series has passed 12 million copies in circulation just as the exceptional anime series get renewed for season 2.

Arguably one of the clearest Anime of the Year contenders so far in 2023, the outstanding anime adaptation from Doga Kobo has seen manga sales boosted by over seven million copies since its debut!

Ruby smiles and poses at the camera during a B Komachi concert
Oshi No Ko/Doga Kobo/anime_oshinoko YouTube channel

Oshi No Ko manga passes 12 million copies in circulation

The Oshi No Ko manga series surpassed 12 million copies in circulation this week, with the announcement shared only a few hours after the season 1 anime finale concluded in Japan.

The Oshi No Ko manga is written by Aka Akasaka (Kaguya-sama: Love is War) and illustrated by Mengo Yokoyari (Scum’s Wish).

The series began serialization in April 2020 and publishes new chapters in the Weekly Young Jump magazine, with this remarkable rise in sales boosted significantly by the anime premiere in April 2023:

It should be noted that these figures are expected to continue to rise over the next 12 months as both major reprints and English distribution expands.

Only the first two volumes are available in English so far, with Volume 3 releasing in August, and Volume 4 in November, 2023.

Oshi No Ko season 2 confirmed to be in works

Thankfully, but certainly not surprisingly, the Oshi No Ko anime was renewed for season 2 only a matter of minutes after the episode 11 finale aired in Japan.

The announcement was accompanied by a new preview trailer (see below) and whilst neither a plot nor targeted release window was shared, the season 1 finale adapted up until chapter 40 of the original manga.

Chapter 40 marked the final chapter of both The First Concert story arc and Volume 4, with the translated synopsis for Volume 5 (which season 2 of the anime will pick up from) reading:

“In this entertainment world, a lie is a weapon. Twin siblings, Aqua and Ruby, are struggling in the entertainment industry to great acclaim! The new “B-Komachi,” to which Ruby belongs, has just finished its first live performance and is expected to do even better. Meanwhile, Aqua’s next job is to perform on a “2.5 dimensional stage”! Akane Kurokawa, who became Aqua’s “girlfriend” through a romantic reality show, and Kana Arima, who has a crush on Aqua, will also appear on the stage.”

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