David Tennant is set to voice the droid Huyang in the upcoming Ahsoka series but this won’t actually be his first appearance in Star Wars.

As well as a plethora of new cast members appearing in Ahsoka, whether they’re playing returning characters or new creations, the upcoming Disney+ series also features several cast members who are reprising roles from earlier appearances within Star Wars – one of whom is Doctor Who actor David Tennant who voices the droid Huyang.

Huyang (David Tennant) standing by a window in Star Wars Ahsoka
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Huyang in Ahsoka

Huyang’s presence in the Ahsoka series was confirmed in the first trailer for the series, but as new teasers have arrived, the purpose of the droid is still unclear.

The ancient droid is thought to have been built around the year 25,020 BBY and has been building lightsabers for the Jedi ever since, so it’s likely he’s been brought on board for the series for his unique expertise in the iconic Star Wars weapons.

One possible origin story for Huyang suggests that he arrived at the Jedi Temple in a big blue box – referencing David Tennant’s stint(s) as the Doctor.

Perhaps his presence in Ahsoka is required so that he can build a new weapon for the titular character or Sabine Wren, seeing as the latter’s currently using Ezra Bridger’s old lightsaber.

Or maybe he’s come along to learn more about Baylan Skoll and Shin Hati’s orange-bladed lightsabers.

Huyang (David Tennant) sitting in the cockpit of a ship in Star Wars Ahsoka
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David Tennant’s previous appearance as Huyang

Ahsoka will actually be the second time that David Tennant has played Huyang after he first voiced the droid in season 5 of Star Wars: The Clone Wars.

Tennant’s surprise appearance came in the episodes A Test of Strength and Bound for Rescue.

In the episodes, Ahsoka joins a group of Jedi Padawans as they retrieve kyber crystals from the planet Ilum and are subsequently introduced to Huyang.

The ancient droid then teaches the younglings how to construct their very own lightsabers – although things go awry when pirates led by Hondo Ohnaka storm their ship.

Huyang was badly damaged by Hondo’s pirates but was eventually reassembled by the young Jedi.

Huyang (David Tennant) looking towards camera in a scene from Star Wars The Clone Wars
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Ray Stevenson also started his Star Wars career in animation

As well as David Tennant, the late Ray Stevenson also made his Star Wars debut in the animated series The Clone Wars and Rebels.

He voiced the Mandalorian Gar Saxon who became loyal to Maul after the former Sith claimed the throne of Mandalore during the Clone Wars.

Later, after the rise of the Empire, Saxon allied himself and his clan with the Emperor.

Speaking at Star Wars Celebration earlier in 2023, Stevenson excitedly discussed his live-action debut and how he was initially fearful that his appearance could cause confusion after originally playing Gar Saxon.

“When I got the call for this, they were so secretive,” he began. “Gar Saxon, really? When is this set? I thought it was going to be that.”

“Then I got to meet Dave and he says, ‘Oh no, we have a surprise,’” he added. “And I was introduced to this character Baylan Skoll and thought, ‘Whoa hang on.’”

Baylan Skoll (Ray Stevenson) wielding a lightsaber in a scene from Star Wars Ahsoka
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Ahsoka is scheduled to arrive on Disney+ with its first two episodes on Tuesday, August 22, 2023, in the US.

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