The Black Clover manga series has confirmed its upcoming break, with author Tabata apologising to fans for the three-month hiatus.

With the regular conveyor belt of manga content becoming the norm for fans around the world, any disruption to the typical release schedule can be quite frustrating. Unfortunately, for Black Clover fans around the world, our worst fears have just been proven true.

After weeks of rumours, theories and speculation, it has just been confirmed that the manga series will be joining the anime adaptation in its absence from our regular schedules…for three whole months!

Black Clover – Official Manga Trailer

Black Clover – Official Manga Trailer

WSJ confirms Black Clover manga break

Unfortunately, the Black Clover manga series will be going on an extended hiatus for the foreseeable future, with chapter 332 set to be delayed by a frustrating three months.

Rumours of an extended break for the hit manga series have been circulating online for the past few weeks. However, the Editorial Team at the Weekly Shonen Jump magazine has now confirmed that the hiatus will begin immediately.

In a blog post, the Editorial Team said that “To prepare for the new story arc, Black Clover will be going on a short break starting next issue.” After discussing the schedule with author Yuki Tabata, “it was decided to allow him to rest for a short amount of time before starting the creation of the new arc.”

“The break is planned to be about three months, and the return date will be announced in a future issue of Weekly Shonen Jump. This may be difficult news for those looking forward to the next chapter, but we request your patience and understanding. We ask that you continue to support Black Clover going forward.” – WSJ Editorial Team, via Viz Media.

Black Clover manga author apologises for delay

Whilst every Black Clover manga fan will understandably be frustrated at the upcoming break, especially such an extended hiatus, the vast majority of the community understand that a rest is exactly what Tabata needs.

Adding to the blog post by the Weekly Shonen Jump Editorial Department, Tabata apologised to fans for both the break, the length of the upcoming hiatus and the immediate effect of the decision.

He explained how “I personally wished to keep going without taking a break, but after discussing things with the editorial department, we decided that I should take a long break to give me more time to create the final arc.”

“I apologize to those who look forward to reading the new chapters each week. But I plan to do my best to make Black Clover as good as it can be and give it a proper conclusion. So, I’d appreciate it if you could just wait a little longer.” – Yuki Tabata, via Viz Media.

Black Clover has been a staple of the manga and anime industry ever since it made its editorial debut back in 2015. Since then, Tabata has been extremely consistent with producing weekly manga chapters, with 331 instalments being published both domestically in Japan and around the world in various languages.

A holiday is well-deserved for the Black Clover production team, but the hiatus will also give Tabata enough time to properly plan out the final story arc. As noted, Black Clover is incredibly popular with millions of fans around the world, millions of fans who have high expectations for the series’ eventual climax.

What’s next up for the Black Clover franchise?

As the Black Clover manga prepares to start its three-month hiatus, fans are looking ahead as to what new content from the franchise is on the horizon.

Well, the focus for the next 12 months in the Black Clover universe is the upcoming mobile video game and theatrical movie.

Black Clover: Mobile is a third-person JRPG similar to Genshin Impact’s style, which will be supported in Japanese, Korean and English mobile devices. It will launch in 2022, but a specific release date remains TBA – although its social media channels have been busy sharing new videos which are sure to get fans pumped up.

Then, in 2023, we will get a Black Clover animated theatrical movie. Very few details on the film’s production and eventual release have been shared publicly, but it’s expected to be a direct continuation of the last anime episode and premiere sometime in Q1 2023.

By Tom Llewellyn – [email protected]

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