The major spoilers for Chapter 354 of Black Clover have arrived, and in this article, we are going to talk about the same.

The last chapter showed the people of the Land of the Sun celebrating the five-headed dragon’s defeat. On the other side, Asta has only three days to train with Ryuzen for Judgement Day. The chapter also showed Ichika apologizing for accusing Yami of something he hadn’t done. Apart from that, the chapter ended, putting Asta and Ichika in an awkward situation.

Now, the loyal fans of the manga cannot wait for the full chapter’s release, so here, we have talked about the leaks that can calm the curiosity of such fans.

Black Clover Chapter 354 spoilers show Lucius and his Paladins in the Clover Kingdom

The new chapter of Black Clover is titled Judgement Day. The chapter starts by showing Lucius, who is ready to create a new world that will not have any flaws. We also see his Paladins with him. After that, the scene cuts to the Clover Kingdom.

In the kingdom, all the magic knights wait for his arrival; Yuno and his captains are also there. Charlotte and Yami begin talking. The former apologizes to the latter for ignoring him for the past few days. She then says that she will not bring personal feelings while fighting; in fact, she will just do whatever she is asked to do.

Yami makes fun of her and calls her Thorn Princess, which he called her in the past. After that, he asks if she would join her for tea after the fight gets over, as he wants to talk about something. We then see that the people of the Clover Kingdom had evacuated and gone to the noble realm; the kingdom has also fortified the borders to fight against Lucius. Simultaneously, the neighboring kingdoms have been alerted too.

Jack mumbles about killing the enemies, and that’s when Lucius arrives. Someone looking exactly like Nacht also shows up. Jack asks him the reason for being late, but soon he realizes that he is not Nacht; in fact, he is one of the Paladins of Lucius. Morgen releases his light magic on Jack, who loses his arm, and a black hole appears in his stomach.

Seeing Morgen’s horns, Yami is shocked as it’s similar to the ones of Lucifugus. Morgen says to Yami that it has been a long time. After that, the light rays appear in the sky where Lucius is seen as he says well, let’s establish a new world.

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