Black Clover Chapter 355 has received massive spoilers, and here we have discussed them to let you know what will the upcoming chapter offer.

Chapter 355 of Black Clover will pickup where the manga left off in the previous chapter. Yuno is back, and everyone is amazed to see the young boy’s powers. While no one was able to stop Lucius’ strong magic spell, only Yuno was the one who showed the courage to stop him. He also tells Lucius why he is so desperate to defeat him.

So, if you are among those loyal Black Clover manga fans who never miss checking on the weekly early spoilers of the chapter, here, we have got you covered.

Black Clover Chapter 355 to show Yuno’s true potential

In the start, we see Yami shouting the name of Jack because he thinks he has passed away already due to the fatal wound on his stomach. Suddenly William appears and releases an attack on Lucius.

William goes toward Lucius and says he is grateful for Julius and that no matter how worse the situation becomes, he will not let Lucius win. Hearing this, Lucius tells him that he doesn’t see him as an opponent, and after that, William’s body starts decaying when he touches a time magic spell. Lucius then says that he doesn’t think William can stop him.

The flying objects that were seen in the last chapter cover the sky of Clover Kingdom. The legless creatures are angel-like beings who have a lot of magic, which makes them not so easy to stop. As soon as the flying creatures prepare for their attack, Yuno shows up and stops them using his star magic. The NPCs gets stunned to see that Yuno has stopped the powerful attack. Yami also sees the young boy stopping the king of magic, so he starts thinking about how much he has grown in terms of strength in the past year and a few months.

William makes him the captain of the Golden Dawn after seeing that he has even grown stronger than him. Later, Yuno tells Lucius that he can’t forgive him, but that’s not the reason he wants to defeat him; in fact, he will defeat him because he wants to become the Wizard King. Lucius says that he will destroy Yuno.

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