Blue Lock Episode 24, titled The Time Has Come, is the final episode of the anime’s cour 2, making it the last of the first season. Here’s everything you must know about its release schedule.

Previously we saw Rin’s team earning the winning goal when the ball came deflecting to him as Isagi blocked Bachira. After that, Rin chose Isagi to play for his team, and now it’s time for them to play against the five best Soccer players.

Well, let’s see how the finale episode of the anime series will end — whether we will get a proper ending or if the anime will leave us on a cliffhanger.

When will Blue Lock Episode 24 release?

Blue Lock Episode 24 will get released on Sunday, March 26, 2023, in Japan, but the majority of the regions in the world will get the episode on Crunchyroll on Saturday, March 25, 2023. Here’s the time schedule that you should follow:

What happened in Blue Lock previously?

In the previous episode, Rin makes the goal after the ball comes to him when Isagi blocks Bachira’s way to the goal. As the winning team gets the chance to pick a player from the losing team, Rin picks Isagi without thinking twice. Isagi thinks about how he got defeated by Rin’s team. Later, when he discusses it with Rin, the latter says that it was luck.

Before heading toward the third selection, Ego explains that the game of soccer depends on luck, too, along with hard work. Isagi decides to give his best in the next match.

The last episode’s preview Explained

The preview images and the official synopsis of the final episode state that Rin’s team will face the World Five team in the third selection. Ichagi, Rin, and Bachira’s connection and coordination in the match helps them to earn the first goal. However, they get surprised to see the unique abilities of the opponent team.

The preview images for the upcoming episode reveal that the World Five team will be dominating Rin’s team. However, we don’t know what exactly will happen in the match; there’s a chance that Rin’s team will turn the tables against the opponent team.

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