Boruto Chapter 79 spoilers have left fans speechless by displaying the unexpected twist in the history of the manga. Well, let’s not waste any time and look into the article to know why the anticipated chapter has become the topic of discussion for fans on social media.

Boruto Chapter 79 is near its monthly release, and after learning about the dramatic events that are going to take place in the manga, no one can keep calm. Naruto’s son Boruto has been the savior of Konoha, but the next installment of the manga will show him as the enemy of his birthplace. On the other side, Kawaki becomes Naruto’s son after Eida swaps his and Boruto’s lives using her god-like powers.

Boruto Chapter 79 Spoilers sees Kawaki’s wish coming true

The 79th chapter of Boruto begins by showing Shikamaru recruiting a group of Shinobi to find Kawaki. To protect himself, Kawaki continues erasing the marks of his Chakra. Mitsuya also starts looking for him, and simultaneously Boruto adds Sarada to the search team.

As Kawaki continuously erases the chakra’s marks, he gets exhausted, and that’s when Eida tracks him down. When Eida is about to fly, her brother asks her to take him with her. However, she ignores the request and goes straightaway to Kawaki’s location. Reaching there, she tells Kawaki she won’t harm him as she is on his side. Listening to this, Kawaki starts ranting about Boruto and says he wishes to be in Boruto’s place. He then says that he wants to save Naruto. Seeing his concern for Naruto, Eida displays her powers and rewrites the history of Boruto and Kawaki.

Kawaki becomes Naruto‘s son while Boruto becomes his own father’s enemy, who wants to kill him as he believes he is the murderer of the seventh hokage. Well, the upcoming chapter will see every ally of Boruto turning against him as he lives Kawaki’s life.

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