Chainsaw Man part 2 is arguably the most highly-anticipated manga release of 2022, with an editor now telling fans “Hope you can wait a little longer.”

One Piece: Red, Attack on Titan season 4 part 2 and Demon Slayer season 2 amongst many others; 2022 certainly has some massive titles that are certainly going to go into the anime Hall of Fame. However, arguably the most highly-anticipated anime title of the entire year is the upcoming MAPPA adaptation of Chainsaw Man.

The series is certainly going to break the internet when it eventually premieres, but Chainsaw Man is actually going to be making headlines much earlier than the anime adaptation because of the return of the manga later this Summer.

Now, a manga editor in Japan has revealed that Chainsaw Man part 2 is on the horizon, but that fans of the series need to maintain patience until more information is shared.

Chainsaw Man | Official Trailer

Chainsaw Man | Official Trailer

Chainsaw Man part 2 manga teased by editor

On May 19th, 2022, an editor for the Weekly Shonen Jump + magazine under the Twitter username “SHIHEILIN” released a statement regarding the future of the Chainsaw Man manga series.

The Tweet said that Tatsuki Fujimoto’s one-shot manga “Goodbye, Eri” would be released on July 4th and that “The second part of ‘Chainsaw Man’ is under construction!! I hope you can wait a little longer.”

The Chainsaw Man manga had originally made its publication debut in December 2018 and released 97 chapters across 11 Tankobon volumes through up until its conclusion in December 2020.

However, following the conclusion in Weekly Shonen Jump, it was revealed that a second part of the manga would be serialised on the Shonen Jump+ app and website. Later that same week, it was confirmed in the Jump Festa 2021 livestream, via Anime News Network, that the second part would focus on “Denji going to school.”

One year later in December 2021, the Jump Comics YouTube channel released a new PV trailer called “Unleashed” which included confirmation that Chainsaw Man part 2 would release in Summer 2022.

Sadly, a specific release date was not revealed in the trailer and has not subsequently been shared in any of the press releases since. However, with SHIHEILIN’s recent comment, there is hope within the community that Chainsaw Man part 2 could return as soon as late-July 2022.

Where to read Chainsaw Man in English

As previously noted, there are 11 complete Tankobon manga volumes of the Chainsaw Man manga that have been published in Japan.

As of May 2022, 10 of those volumes are available to purchase, both digitally and physically, in English – with volume 11 set to release on June 7th, 2022.

Fans of the series can purchase physical versions of the Chainsaw Man manga via Amazon, Book Depository, Waterstones, Bookshop and from your local comic book stores.

Alternatively, digital copies of the series can be acquired through Google Play, iBooks, Kindle and Barnes & Noble’s Nook.

When will the anime adaptation release?

Following the conclusion of Chainsaw Man part 1, an anime adaptation of the hit manga series was announced – much to the surprise of absolutely nobody.

At the same time when part 2 of the manga was revealed to release in Summer 2022, it was confirmed that the anime series from MAPPA would also premiere in 2022.

Considering that the Summer slate is just around the corner and there has been no recent update on the series, a safe bet is that the anime adaptation will premiere as part of the Fall broadcasting slate, which runs from October – December 2022.

Interestingly, anime YouTuber James Hanson tweeted out in March that “Chainsaw Man Anime is 2-Cour, Fall” – which is in line with all of the most compelling theories on the series broadcast, see here for more information.

The good news is that the show will be simulcast on the Crunchyroll streaming platform:

“Crunchyroll is announcing today that the upcoming Chainsaw Man anime, based on the Tatsuki Fujimoto manga of the same name, will simulcast on the platform this year! Chainsaw Man will be available in Crunchyroll territories worldwide (excluding Asia), with additional dubs for the series to include English, Latin American Spanish, Brazilian Portuguese, French and German.” – Crunchyroll News.

By Tom Llewellyn – [email protected]

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