While The Batman is certainly in safe hands with Robert Pattinson and Matt Reeves in Elseworlds, the DCU has still to find its Batman and all will be revealed in the upcoming DC project, The Brave and the Bold. But first, let’s get up to speed with the Grant Morrison comic run that the new Batman adventure is based on and we also take a look at every new DC project announced in Chapter 1.

Gunn had previously revealed that DC Studios would be confirming a number of projects in its 8-to-10-year plan, after a turbulent time of cancellations.

One of the new projects announced within the DCU’s Chapter 1 was The Brave and the Bold. This will be a new beginning for Batman who will have to work with the teenage son he never knew, Damien Wayne – who will be fulfilling the Robin mantle – and this project will likely pave the way for the rest of the Bat family to be introduced into the DCU.

The Brave and the Bold comic by Grant Morrison

The Brave and the Bold was a comic book anthology series published by DC Comics between 1955 and 1983 that focused on character crossovers, however, Grant Morrison’s Batman and Robin run was a separate storyline that introduced us to Damien Wayne.

Morrison wrote Batman comics for seven years debuting with Batman #655 in 2006, when the writer and artist, Andy Kubert, presented Damien – the son of Bruce Wayne and Talia al Ghul.

The iconic writer also oversaw the Batman and Robin run of 2009, where readers saw Damien take on the Robin mantle, while Dick Grayson graduated to become the Caped Crusader.

Batman and Damien Wayne on The Brave and the Bold comic cover
DC Studios – Cr. DC, YouTube.

James Gunn announces DCU Chapter 1 slate

DC fans were treated to a bright future for the DCU on the last day of January 2023, when the director and new head of DC Studios announced a number of projects that are going to be released within Chapter 1 of the new connected universe, titled Gods and Monsters.

Gunn also confirmed that the studio is working towards an established universe within the DCU, however, stories being told outside of the DCU will be filed under the new DC ‘Elseworlds’ label.

While The Batman 2 and Joker 2 will exist under the Elseworlds umbrella, Shazam 2, Aquaman 2, and The Flash will release as part of the DCU, with the latter expected to “reset” the DCU within its plot.

In addition to a fresh start for Superman and DC’s first real delve into horror with Swamp Thing, HBO Max will also cater animated series, Creature Commandos, featuring a Ghost Rider-like character, Doctor Phosphorus.

Below we have listed every new project announced by DC Studios:

By Jo Craig – [email protected]

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