The Walt Disney Company is the biggest entertainment conglomerate of all time, but does it own Family Guy?

It’s fair to say Disney+ has made quite a dent in the streaming industry in the last few years. Having initially arrived late on the scene, the media giants did not take long to leave their mark on the industry and now compete with the likes of Netflix and Amazon Prime. Hit comedy Family Guy has long been associated with the US network Fox, but does Disney now own the show?

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Does Disney own Family Guy

Yes, Disney does now technically own Family Guy.

In what was a monumental acquirement for the global group, Disney completed its takeover of Fox back in March 2019, a move that cost the Mickey Mouse brand no less than $71 billion dollars.

As Family Guy is a Fox production, this means that Family Guy now falls under Disney’s umbrella, as well as the other TV content that Fox produces like American Dad and Bob’s Burgers.

Given the scale of the acquisition, Disney first had to seek approval from its shareholders, the US Government and regulators in countries all over the globe in order to go through with the purchase.

Does Fox still make Family Guy?

Yes, Fox is still responsible for the production of Family Guy.

While Disney technically owns the show, they do not control its development, nor do they air new episodes. The show is still produced and aired by Fox, but the rights to the show belong to Disney.

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This basically means that Disney has the right to stream it (you can watch every episode of it on Disney+), and they are in charge of merchandise and the selling of image rights to third parties.

Given that they spent $70+ billion on the likes of Family Guy and American Dad, it can be assumed that they are milking such shows for every penny they’ve got – regardless of whether people think that they’re still funny or not.

What other shows does Disney own?

Basically, it would be quicker to name the shows that Disney doesn’t own.

Not really of course, but the company does have a scarily extensive array of titles on its books. Purely from the Fox movie alone, Disney now owns the likes of The Simpsons, It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia, American Horror Story, and The X-Files – to literally name a few.

Disney has also acquired Lucasfilm, meaning they own the entirety of Star Wars, and Marvel Studios too, so they effectively own the whole of The MCU.

And if you’re wondering how they can afford it all, at the time of writing the Walt Disney Company has a market value of over $183 billion – so it’s safe to say the business looks to be doing okay.

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