The Dragon Ball Super chapter 83 release time and date have finally been confirmed, alongside a special sneak peek at the upcoming storyboard.

Every month, fans of the Dragon Ball Super manga count down the days until the latest chapter premieres around the world.

Whilst the wait for new DBS content can be rather frustrating when the community witnesses the weekly releases of other major manga, there aren’t many series that can generate the global hype that Dragon Ball Super can.

Thankfully, we can now confirm the international Dragon Ball Super chapter 83 release time and date, with the Japanese website also sharing a special limited-time preview of the upcoming storyboard.

Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero | Official Movie Trailer

Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero | Official Movie Trailer

Dragon Ball Super chapter 83 release time and date worldwide

As confirmed by the series’ page on Viz Media, Dragon Ball Super chapter 83 will release around the world on Wednesday, April 20th.

Per Manga Plus, which can be downloaded from the App Store and Google Play, the new chapter will launch in English online from the following international times:

Chapter 83 will be available to read for free on both platforms until the next three chapters release, subscriptions currently cost just $1.99 a month.

Storyboard preview shared online

As part of the build up to the highly anticipated release of Dragon Ball Super chapter 83, the official Japanese website shared a preview of the storyboard.

“Previously, Goku managed to give Gas the slip with his signature Instant Teleportation technique to buy some time! To search for any clues as to how to overcome Gas and his incredible power, Goku and the others turned to the Scouter left behind forty years ago by his father, Bardock! Saved in the Scouter was an audio recording of Bardock himself, which upon being played, unlocked a memory buried deep within Goku’s mind!” – Limited storyboard preview 83, via

The preview then states that “The tale of the prideful warrior Bardock will come to light as his actions forty years ago are revealed!” In addition, the preview confirmed the title of the next chapter is “Bardock VS Gas #2!”

“Faced with an indomitable Saiyan warrior, Gas unlocks a portion of his primal instincts to power up! But what does Monaito plan to do with the Dragon Balls as he grows concerned about the direction the battle is taking?!” – Limited storyboard preview 83, via

Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero movie prepares for debut

The Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero movie is the 21st Dragon Ball feature film to be produced, but it will actually be the second in the Super branch, and first to be made using mainly 3D animations.

However, the big news this week is that the films domestic theatrical premiere in Japan has sadly been pushed back from its original April 22nd release.

“We sincerely apologize to everyone who was looking forward to the April release. For those who have already purchased presale tickets, they will still be valid for the new release date, so please make sure to hold onto them until then. Thank you for your kind patience and understanding, and we hope that everyone continues to look forward to the movie’s release.” – News article, via

Toei Animation, the company behind the movie, was hacked by a third-party in early March and forced a delay to countless Toei IP’s, including One Piece, Digimon Ghost Game and Dragon Quest: Adventures of Dai.

Unfortunately, it appears that the impact of such an internal hacking has forced Toei’s hand – pushing the premiere of Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero back until June 11th. An international release window has not yet been shared.

Interestingly, a new ‘Highlights Explained PV’ has recently confirmed that the movie will be a direct sequel to the Broly movie, confirming that “the last fight that was fought on Earth was ‘the fierce fight with Broly.”

By Tom Llewellyn – [email protected]

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