Dyana was introduced in House of the Dragon Episode 8 and has become a topic of discussion for fans. So, who is Dyana, and what has she been through in House of the Dragon?

Warning- Spoilers Ahead for House of the Dragon Episode 8

The gore-filled TV series has no limitations regarding brutality and dirty politics. Characters are seen killing their family members just for the sake of power.

The latest episode of the series has crossed all the limits and showed some significant twists and turns, including the conflict between the Velaryons for the throne of Driftmark. While all this is happening, a serving maid, Dyana, informs Queen Alicent about her son Aegon’s misdeed.

House Of The Dragon | Weeks Ahead Trailer | Sky Atlantic

House Of The Dragon | Weeks Ahead Trailer | Sky Atlantic

Who is Dyana in House of the Dragon?

Dyana is a serving lady in House Targaryen who approaches Alicent in a not-so-good state, meaning teary eyes, scattered hair, and untidy clothes. She shares with the queen that while she was serving wine to Prince Aegon, she was physically assaulted by him.

Hearing this, Alicent feared the shame that the incident could bring to the kingdom, so she reasonably threatened Dyana by saying that she shouldn’t share this with anyone else in the kingdom as no one would believe her. Instead, she would get blamed for defaming the prince.

Alicent bribed Dyana to keep her mouth shut

Initially, Alicent threatens Dyana so that she won’t tell anyone else about Prince Aegon’s wrongdoing. To make sure of it, she offers Dyana a pouch full of gold and a cup of tea.

The tea is undoubtedly the moon tea that King Viserys gave Rhaenyra to drink in Episode 4 after she spent a night with Kingsguard Ser Criston Cole. The purpose of this tea is basically to prevent any unwanted childbirth. So, by giving Dyana that tea and preventing unwanted birth, Alicent ensures that no one would ever believe Dyana.

However, after drinking the tea, Dyana does not appear in the episode, so we can hope to see her in the remaining episodes. Moreover, we see the maid who prepared the tea for Dyana going to Daemon’s former lover, Mysaria. Hence, it can be presumed that she might use the entire situation to take revenge on House Targaryen. And for that, she may use Dyana as a witness. So, we’ll surely see her return later in the show.

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