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House of the Dragon Episode 8 Recap: What happened to King Viserys?

House of the Dragon Episode 8 changed the game for the Targaryens. episode 5 showed Viserys coughing blood and becoming unconscious, but that wasn’t the end of his story. Instead, the king met his dark fate in the last minutes of HOTD Episode 8.

Warning: Spoilers ahead for House of the Dragon episode 8.

Since the show’s start, we have seen the Targaryens fighting for the Iron Throne, and things started getting worse when Princess Rhaenyra was chosen as the heir. However, no one could go against the king’s wishes since he was alive but now, he is officially dead and it’s time for the Targaryen Civil War to break out.

House Of The Dragon | Weeks Ahead Trailer | Sky Atlantic

House Of The Dragon | Weeks Ahead Trailer | Sky Atlantic

How does King Viserys die in House of the Dragon?

King Viserys suffered from a form of Leprosy that caused the decay of his skin and bones. The king has survived on medications and several teas since the show’s second episode. Six years have passed after the events of Episode 7, and the king’s condition is not getting better.

In the last minute of the eighth episode, King Viserys is forced to drink the tea by Alicent while he shares Aegon I’s prophecy with his queen. After that, uttering his last words, ‘My Love,’ the king dies and reunites with his first wife, Aemma.

Does the King die the same way in the book?

House of the Dragon TV show made several changes to the storyline, including the dramatic death of King Viserys. In the books, the king died in a deep sleep, but the TV show modified this and came up with an intense death sequence. However, before his death, the king’s sufferings were the same as in the book.

House of the Dragon Episode 8: Recap

Vaemond Velaryon tells Princess Rhaenys about Lord Corlys’ critical condition after he gets injured in a battle at Stepstones. Vaemond and Rhaenys argue about who should succeed Corlys. Rhaenys also showed her intentions to make Rhaenyra’s son Lucerys Lord of the Tides, but Vaemond shows disinterest by calling himself the closest blood relation of Corlys.

Daemon Targaryen finds three fresh eggs of Rhaenyra’s dragon, Syrax, and hands them to the Dragonkeepers, who gives him a letter from his daughter Baela. In the letter, she mentioned what was going on in Driftmark. Daemon tells everything to his wife Rhaenyra, and she gets afraid as she knows that her children’s legitimacy will be questioned.

In the small council, Alicent, along with all the members, discusses the petitions, but the queen leaves by saying that she will hear all the petitions the next day as she needs to greet the guests. On the other side, Rhaenyra and Daemon introduce her sons Aegon III and Viserys II to the king, but the children start crying after seeing his pathetic condition.

Alicent is approached by a serving lady, Dyana, who tells her that Prince Aegon has assaulted her. The queen asks her not to disclose this to anyone as no one would believe her. Dyana says she won’t tell anyone, so Alicent hands her a pouch of gold and a cup of tea to drink. Later, Alicent goes to Aegon and slaps him for his deeds.

An unwell Viserys sits on his throne once again and announces Prince Lucerys Velaryon, son of Rhaenyra, as the heir to Driftmark. Daemon slaughter Ser Vaemond Velaryon’s throat as he calls Rhaenyra’s sons bastards. While the entire family dines together, the king’s health worsens, so he is taken by several Maesters to his Chamber.

Misinterpreting Rhaenyra in place of Alicent, he shows his interest in Rhaenyra’s succession by saying, ‘you are the one; you must do this.’ However, Alicent misunderstands the whole thing and thinks Viserys wants their son Aegon to sit on the Iron throne after him. As soon as Alicent leaves the Chamber, the king utters his last words and gives up on his life.

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