Episode 4 of HBO’s The Last of Us was packed full of pun-tastic humor from Ellie so let’s take a look at all of the puns said in the episode plus all of the puns still to come.

HBO’s The Last of Us is already almost halfway through its first season and so far, it’s been jam-packed with death, love, and survival. There usually isn’t much to laugh about when you’re knee-deep in the post-apocalypse, especially with horrific infected around every corner and humans wanting to kill you. But thankfully, Ellie’s humor brings a much-needed light to the grim and dark world with her pun book.

Let’s look at all the puns from episode 4 of HBO’s The Last of Us and other puns and jokes from the game that could be making an appearance.

All puns from episode 4 of The Last of Us

Although initially an annoyance to Joel who really didn’t find the humor in Ellie’s constant jokes and puns from her ‘No Pun Intended Vol. 2’ book, viewers lapped them up as it brought a glimpse of comedy to the otherwise somber series. Players of The Last of Us will have already heard many of these puns and jokes already but let’s look at all of Ellie’s witticisms throughout episode 4.

All puns and jokes from The Last of Us game

Throughout the game, Ellie comes out with some crackers that usually sees Joel rolling his eyes and Ellie finding herself hilarious. As we’ve seen in episode 4, HBO is implementing quite a few of Ellie’s joke book banters into the series, and if that keeps going, here are some more we can expect to see as viewers journey through the rest of season one.

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