The ‘kiss’ Tess got from an infected in HBO’s The Last of Us may have some fans wondering what it was all about but there’s a very good reason.

Episode 2 in HBO’s The Last of Us was as intense as ever. As Joel, Ellie and Tess made their way to the capitol building to meet up with the Fireflies to hand Ellie over, the trio got caught up in a battle with some clickers which unfortunately saw poor Tess get bitten.

Although it wasn’t until later that she disclosed this information to Joel, the ending scene was just as emotional as episode one as we saw Tess go out like a true legend. But before that happened, what was with the infected ‘kissing’ Tess? We explore the rather disgusting encounter.

The Last of Us Episode 2 Infected Tess Kiss Explained

For those who have played The Last of Us game, how Tess dies is completely different in the HBO series. Although most of the scenes in the state building remained the same, in the show we saw Tess take her own life as well as the horde of infected that stormed the building which is different from how she got taken down by the FEDRA in the game.

At the end of episode 2, after Tess poured petrol everywhere and tossed out a crate of ammo, a group of infected infiltrated the building with one separating from the group and casually walking over to her. Without Tess resisting, the infected came face to face with her and opened its mouth, making contact with Tess in a gross kiss that saw tendrils pour from its mouth into hers.

The encounter wasn’t a kiss but more an act of allowing the Cordyceps fungus to spread into Tess and since she was already bitten and not putting up a fight, there was no reason for the infected to bite her again. The Cordyceps’ only goal is to find a new host so it can carry on surviving. Neil Druckmann told Entertainment that the infected only get aggressive when they are stopped from allowing the virus to spread.

“These things don’t have to get violent unless you’re fighting them from spreading [the infection] further,” Druckmann said. “That is realized in this beautiful yet horrific way with Anna.”

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