If you’re looking for the best God of War Ragnarök Thor cosplay found on this side of the internet, you won’t need to look further than here.

Sony Santa Monica blew us all out of the water with their latest Norse-infused title, God of War Ragnarok. Released just in time for Christmas last year, the immersive storytelling of Kratos and Atreus’ incredible journey across the realms was just as impactful as ever.

Fans of the franchise were introduced yet again to old faces like Freya, Brok, and Sindri but some entirely new faces made an appearance which included Angrboda, Tyr, and the unforgettable God of Thunder himself, Thor.

Stepping into the boots of some of the game’s most iconic faces has been a must for many cosplayers but none so much as The Ronin Cosplay who really brought his A-game to this amazing Thor cosplay.

God of War Ragnarok Thor cosplay

As many will know, cosplaying any character takes enormous amounts of skill, dedication, and time. From makeup, hair, costume design, and crafting, cosplayers can spend months perfecting their entire that is then captured in mere moments.

Coming in hot with their stunning and scarily accurate Thor cosplay from God of War, The Ronin Cosplay has not only captured the giant physically but also his very essence. From the Bay area in San Francisco, The Ronin Cosplay has pushed every limit in the cosplaying world by detailing, painstakingly, every aspect of the Son of Odin from the wavy red hair and beard and cold hard stance to his iconic hammer and leather armor.

The cosplayer has even pushed the boat further out by matching Thor’s tattoos from the game onto his own chest for this beautifully crafted cosplay. The Ronin Cosplay has also partnered with the game’s studio to join the other God of War cosplayers in their official cosplaying guide. It’s an incredible feat and may we say it’s well deserved.

You can check out the official God of War Thor cosplay guide in “an in-depth guide to help you take on the most powerful warrior of the Aesir!” While you are at it, follow The Ronin Cosplays’ journey over on their Twitter.

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