Outer Banks season 4 is bound to explore Edward Teach’s years of piracy and we discuss Blackbeard’s death, reveal how he died, and explain why he is so famous.

**Warning – Spoilers ahead for Outer Banks**

Outer Banks season 3’s finale saw a stranger approach the Pogues after their honorary ceremony and JJ asks which captain the stranger was searching for. The mystery character responds, “Edward Teach. Blackbeard,” which neatly sets up the plot for season 4.

Created by Josh Pate, Jonas Pate, and Shannon Burke for Netflix, the mystery teen drama, Outer Banks, follows two groups of teenagers in the titular community, while one leader, John B, asks his friends to help search for missing treasure connected to his father’s disappearance.

Blackbeard’s death – How did the pirate die?

Blackbeard’s death came about when British naval Lieutenant, Robert Maynard, was ordered by Virginia Governor, Alexander Spotswood, to track him down, which ended with the pirate being shot several times, wounded by many sword slashes, and finally beheaded.

Knowing that he was nearing capture and the end of his life, Blackbeard is thought to have stashed his legendary treasure, estimated to be worth approximately $12.5 million.

Maynard and his forces searched for Blackbeard and his crew in North Carolina’s Ocracoke Island on November 17, 1718, and by the 21st, Maynard had descended on Blackbeard in Ocracoke’s south while the twenty-something pirates occupied the Adventure vessel.

An all-out battle between Maynard and Blackbeard followed, the Adventure against the Ranger and the Jane, with the pirates unleashing substantial firepower that killed the Ranger’s commander and wounded many men.

After the devastation of Blackbeard’s firepower, Maynard ordered the men below decks to wait. Assuming the Jane’s deck was clear, Blackbeard and his men boarded the seemingly empty ship and planned to commandeer it.

In a surprise attack, Maynard and the remaining 12 men entered a six-minute melee with the pirates, which resulted in Blackbeard and his men being killed.

Accounts of Blackbeard’s demise vary, but most agree that he was beheaded at some point. The Boston News-Letter, via a report by Time, shared a detailed secondhand account of Blackbeard’s death:

“Maynard and Teach themselves two begun the fight with their swords, Maynard making a thrust, the point of his sword against Teach’s cartridge box, and bended it to the hilt. Teach broke the guard of it, and wounded Maynard’s fingers but did not disable him, whereupon he jumped back and threw away his sword and fired his pistol, which wounded Teach. Demelt struck in between them with his sword and cut Teach’s face pretty much; . . . one of Maynard’s men being a [Scottish] highlander engaged Teach with his broad sword, who gave Teach a cut on the neck, Teach saying, well done lad, the highlander replied, if it be not well done, I’ll do it better, [and] with that he gave him a second stroke, which cut off his head, laying it flat on his shoulder.”

The assassination of English pirate Edward Teach
The assassination of English pirate Edward Teach, better known as Blackbeard (ca 1680-1718), drawing.

Why is Blackbeard famous?

Blackbeard is famous primarily because of the blockade in Charleston, South Carolina – a filming location for the Outer Banks crew – in May 1718.

This event saw Blackbeard overrun the Charleston harbor, plundering several vessels whilst sailing on Queen Anne’s Revenge, taking civilians hostage, and demanding ransoms.

Blackbeard also inspired future depictions of pirates in fiction because of the terrifying image he portrayed of himself and the notable violence he practiced, which covered the Golden Age of Piracy in a veil of fear.

Outer Banks season 4 plot

The Outer Banks cast appeared on stage, during Netflix’s Poguelandia event in California, to confirm that the series had been renewed for season 4.

Chase Stokes, Madelyn Cline, Madison Bailey, Jonathan Daviss, Rudy Pankow, Charles Harford, Charles Esten, and Carlacia Grant are all expected to return for the fourth treasure hunt.

Since there was approximately one year and a half between seasons 2 and 3, fans can expect to season 4 to arrive sometime in 2024.

By Jo Craig – [email protected]

Outer Banks season 3 is now streaming on Netflix.

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