Warning: This post contains SPOILERS for the House of the Dragon Finale.

The House of the Dragon finale episode came with Rhaenyra’s second son Lucerys Velaryon’s death. Fans who have read George R.R. Martin’s “Fire & Blood” already know that the book’s death sequence is different, as shown in the HBO Max show. But fans who haven’t read the book yet want to know how Lucerys’ dark fate differs in the books. So, here, we have discussed the same.

House of the Dragon has made slight changes in many instances. For example, some death or fight scenes have been altered to avoid extreme brutality. For starters, Vaemond Velaryon gets a more brutal death in the books than in the show. But that’s only one of many alterations in the TV show.

House Of The Dragon | Weeks Ahead Trailer | Sky Atlantic

House Of The Dragon | Weeks Ahead Trailer | Sky Atlantic

How does Lucerys Velaryon die in the book?

The book sees kind of a similar death of Lucerys Velaryon but with specific changes. The most crucial difference is that Aemond had the intention to kill Luke in the books. However, in the TV show, seeing Aemond’s reaction when Vhagar tears Luke and Arrax apart, it was clear that he did not intend to kill the Velaryon. Besides this, the book also showed that Lord Borros permitted Aemond to leave minutes after Luke’s departure, but the TV show did not come up with this.

House of the Dragon Episode 10 shows Rhaenyra sending Jace and Luke to different houses to seek loyalty from them. It did not show Jace’s mission, but Luke went to the House Baratheon led by Lord Borros only to find that Aemond was already there asking him for loyalty for the Greens. He also says that if Lord Borros agrees, he will marry his daughter. Hearing the proposal, Lucerys clearly states that he can’t do it because he is already betrothed to Baela (Daemon and Laena’s daughter).

When he can’t offer a valuable deal, Lord Borros asks him to leave, but Aemond seeks an act of revenge, which means an eye for an eye. Lord Borros stops the Targaryen by saying he doesn’t want any conflict in his castle. Soon, when Luke flies with his dragon Arrax, he finds out that Aemond and his dragon Vhagar are already on flight. Vhagar was five times bigger and stronger than Arrax, so the latter couldn’t fight her. However, Aemond only wanted to threaten his nephew, but Vhagar herself killed Arrax and Luke, not listening to her rider.

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