Kim Taehyung is once again melting hearts as Run BTS! is back with a brand new episode this week. Let’s take a look at what went down in yet another chaotic episode of the show and why fans dubbed V as the “happiness preacher.”

Last year, the world-famous Grammy-nominated group, BTS announced that they would be halting their group activities for some time to fulfill their mandatory military duties. However, the members have continued with their solo pursuits with new albums and impressive collaborations.

Apart from their spectacular discography, over the years the K-Pop group has provided abundant material for fans to binge on – including Run BTS. The variety show is quite popular for serving a dose of chaos and laughter while the members play interesting games.

Now let’s dive into how Kim Taehyung is melting hearts after this week’s Run BTS episode.

Kim Taehyung and J-hope face each other for fencing game, BTS members stand in background and watch face-off
Run BTS! 2023 Special Episode – Mini Field Day Part 1 | BANGTANTV | YouTube

Kim Taehyung melts hearts in the new Run BTS episode

In this week’s episode of Run BTS, the members are bringing out their athletic selves for a Mini Field Day. The special episode features BTS playing four sports games.

It starts off with the game of fencing where ‘ace’ Taehyung steals the show as he wins first place with a total of 70 points after passionately facing off his opponents.

Now putting his impressive skills aside, it’s heartwarming to see the Sweet Night crooner with a wide smile throughout the game. Taehyung can be seen wholeheartedly enjoying himself as he jumps around being his playful self. We also got to see V with his stunning long-hair look, which has been making fans gush over the last few months.

This is certainly why ARMYs look forward to the joy-induced episodes. As Run BTS never fails to put a smile on fans’ faces.

Fans dub Taehyung as ‘happiness preacher’

After seeing Taehyung all smiles and glowing in the latest Run BTS episode, a fan aptly described: “Kim Taehyung is really the happiness preacher!”

Here’s a look at some of the fan reactions:

By Shriya Swami – [email protected]

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