The rumor mill has never turned faster as Fantastic Four touts continue to dominate the Marvel fandom and we discuss a recent rumor regarding Mila Kunis playing The Thing in Fantastic Four and explain why she may be a good fit for Sharon Ventura.

We previously discussed how Kraven the Hunter was teased in Spider-Man: No Way Home alongside the villain Rhino, when Doctor Strange’s spell tore the multiverse.

Directed by Matt Shakman with writers Josh Friedman and Jeff Kaplan, Fantastic Four is an upcoming Marvel feature based on the popular superhero group from Marvel Comics slated for a 2025 release that will begin Phase 6 of the MCU.

Mila Kunis rumored to play The Thing in Fantastic Four

Over this past weekend, Mila Kunis was touted to be in the running to play The Thing, a.k.a. a Ben Grimm variant, in the upcoming and highly anticipated Fantastic Four movie.

The rumor was met with considerable backlash from the Marvel fandom, who refused to accept a gender-swapped version of Ben Grimm in the MCU.

The founding member was previously portrayed by Michael Chiklis in the 2005 and 2007 movies outwith the MCU and then by Jamie Bell in the 2015 reboot.

Sharon Ventura is She-Thing

One option that would make more sense in relation to Mila Kunis’ rumored casting, is the idea of Sharon Ventura being part of the Fantastic Four in the MCU’s version instead of Ben Grimm.

Sharon Ventura was a human working with Auntie Freeze within a wrestling group called, the Grapplers, where she performed under the Ms. Marvel mantle.

Sharon met Ben Grimm while working with the Thunderiders motorcycle stunt team and later worked with the Fantastic Four in certain missions.

Sharon and Ben ended up fighting the electronic terrorist, Fasaud in outer space, and while the space shuttle began plummeting towards Earth, cosmic rays ended up enhancing Ben’s mutations as The Thing and also affected Sharon, causing her to turn into a version of The Thing as well.

Sharon’s mutated variant was dubbed She-Thing but Doctor Doom ended up offering her the chance to reverse the mutation in exchange for her loyalty. Sharon agreed and soon became a spy for Doctor Doom. 

While it’s unlikely that Marvel Studios would opt to feature this side character in the main lineup instead of bringing Ben Grimm on board, there is the chance that Mila Kunis could portray the character of Sharon in a supporting role.

Mila Kunis knows who will be playing the Fantastic Four

Kunis recently responded to the Fantastic Four rumors, including one that tipped her to be playing Susan Storm, during an interview with James Corden on The Late Late Show (via THR).

Kunis explained how she did have lunch with the Fantastic Four director, Matt Shakman, but that didn’t mean she was in the film:

“Apparently, if you go to lunch with somebody that is also in the industry, you then start working together, according to the internet. The next day I was somehow in Fantastic Four.”  

In addition to thwarting the rumors, Kunis did reveal that she knew who was going to be in the MCU’s Fantastic Four, but couldn’t say any more than that:

“I don’t want to get in trouble with The Mouse [Disney executives], so none of you will find out.”

By Jo Craig – [email protected]

Fantastic Four is scheduled to release on February 14, 2025.

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