How can you vote in the Naruto99 popularity poll, what are the rules for your participation, and what are the rankings all about?

The annual Jump Festa event in Japan is the ultimate end-of-year party for anime fans and whilst fans are digesting news on their favorite anime series, fans of the Boruto and Naruto franchises are delighted to hear that a new popularity poll has gone live.

Popularity polls for characters are a staple of the anime industry in Japan, with the new Naruto99 poll being available to fans around the world – even better, you don’t need to sign up for anything in order to vote.

So, what is the Naruto99 popularity poll, how can you vote for free, how will the rankings work, and what does the winning character receive when votes end in late-January 2023?

What is the Naruto99 popularity poll?

As revealed at the recent Jump Festa event in Japan, Naruto is running its new fan popularity poll in order to determine who are the 100 most popular characters from the series.

There is a total of 488 characters that you can vote for, “and it is up to you to vote for the best shinobi, the strongest shinobi, the most beloved shinobi, and the best character from all over the world.”

“When the best characters from all over the world gather together, the result will be something no one can predict. Whether you have been supporting us for many years, have grown up since the serialization, or have recently read “Naruto”, let’s all decide who is the best in the world. Let’s all enjoy the festival to decide the world’s best.” – Naruto99, via official website.

How to vote in fan popularity poll

Fans can vote in the Naruto99 popularity poll via the official Japanese website – link here.

Scrolling almost to the bottom of the page, fans can click on the ‘Vote Now’ link to take them to the selection page – this can be seen as a small orange and black box with a blacked arrow to its left. You can find a direct link to the selection page here.

You don’t need to sign up or login to vote; after clicking on the character that you want to vote for, simply identify how old you are with the scroll down button on the left (in decades) and your gender on the right.

The page will automatically submit your vote when these two factors have been checked.

While the page is in Japanese, in the top right corner, there is a dropdown box to change the language to English, or whatever else you desire.

By December 23, over one million votes were already cast in the Naruto99 fan poll; with Minato Nanikaze topping the charts ahead of Itachi Uchiha, Shisui Uchiha, and Naruto Uzumaki.

How Long does the Poll last?

You can vote on the Naruto99 fan popularity poll once per day, starting on December 17 and running up until the closing date on January 31.

However, fans should note that voting more than once per day on different devices is against the rules of the poll.

The website notes that, “It is prohibited to vote multiple times per day using multiple devices” and that “Votes that are deemed fraudulent or otherwise inappropriate by the Company will be invalidated.”

The results will then be revealed in April 2023, with the top 20 characters getting special illustrations and the winning character getting their own one-shot special short manga drawn by Kishimoto.

“We’ve had popularity polls in the JUMP magazine a few times before, but this is the first time we’ve held a worldwide popularity poll, so we’re looking forward to seeing what characters will come out on top! Everyone around the world. We’re waiting for lots of entries!” – Masashi Kishimoto, via Twitter.

During this window, there will also be further “special” polls, with fans able to vote on topics including “What Jutsu would you like to be able to use”.

By Tom Llewellyn – [email protected]

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