Kim Jae Han and Shin Ye Chan are all set to make hearts flutter in a brand BL Kdrama, A Shoulder To Cry On. As the new series finally makes its way to our screens, let’s take a look at the talented cast, episodes guide, and where to watch the BL series.

From Thai Drama offerings 2gether and KinnPorsche to swoon-worthy K-Drama like Semantic Error and To My Star, the vast catalog of the BL series has never been better. The sphere of Asian entertainment is truly thriving as it continues to reel in new audiences.

Now, we have the latest BL arrival, A Shoulder To Cry On, and it stars members of the K-Pop group Omega X.

Jae Han as Da Yeol and Ye Chan as Tae Hyun wears school uniform and walk on field facing each other, green trees in the background
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A Shoulder To Cry On cast and plot explained

The new BL KDrama stars Omega X members, Jae Han, 27, as Lee Da Yeol, and Ye Chan, 21, as Jo Tae Hyun. Adapted from Dong Mul’s Manhwa aka webtoon of the same name, A Shoulder To Cry On tells the hate-to-love tale between a student on archer’s scholarship and a troublemaker who stirs up his world.

The official synopsis reads:

“Lee Da Yeol is both an outsider and a skilled archer who finds solace in the archery club at school. His scholarship is put in jeopardy when he has a misunderstanding with the popular and handsome student Jo Tae Hyun. Tae Hyun accuses Da Yeol of making advances towards him, which threatens his scholarship. Tae Hyun takes pleasure in tormenting Da Yeol and follows him everywhere, but Da Yeol’s feelings become conflicted as he wonders if he’s beginning to develop feelings for Tae Hyun.”

A Shoulder To Cry On episodes and where to watch

The K-BL made its premiere with the very first episode on March 14 and it’s already making the buzz on the internet thanks to the K-Pop idol leads. A Shoulder to Cry On kdrama is available to watch on the streaming platform Viki. Alternatively, fans can also watch it on GagaOOLala.

The second episode of the series arrives on March 15. A Shoulder To Cry On will feature a total of seven episodes, running its course from March 14 to March 29 airing two weekly episodes on Tuesdays and Wednesdays.

By Shriya Swami – [email protected]

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