One Piece Chapter 1079 is approaching its official release date, and here, we talk about the complete release schedule along with the final spoilers.

One Piece manga has been dominating the community for decades. It’s no wonder the manga has been the top most-selling manga in Japan for two weeks continuously, with 1.5 Million copies in circulation.

Well, the massive popularity of the manga is the primary reason why fans can’t wait for the spoilers and release date of every upcoming chapter. So, here, let’s find out when will the new chapter of One Piece get released.

When will One Piece Chapter 1079 get released?

One Piece Chapter 1079 will get released on Sunday, March 26, 2023, at 7:00 AM in the Pacific time zone. Other time zones will get the chapter on Manga Plus and Viz Media at the below timings:

Pacific Time – 7:00 AM (February 26th)
Eastern Time – 10:00 AM (February 26th)
British Time – 3:00 PM (February 26th)
European Time – 4:00 PM (February 26th)
India Time – 8:30 PM (February 26th)
Philippine Time – 11:00 PM (February 26th)
Australian Timing- 1:30 AM (February 27th)

What do the final spoilers of the chapter reveal?

The chapter shows York’s flashback at the start, where she learns that she has been betrayed by the World Government and they want to eliminate her. However, she seems to have a plan already. She ordered the Seraphims to kill everyone, excluding herself, Dr. Vegapunk’s Stella, and Cipher Pol agents. Besides that, she instructs S-Snake to transform into stone and bring her back to normal after some time. The spoilers also reveal that she gave some additional orders to S-Snake, but that isn’t disclosed yet to the readers.

After the flashback ends, coming to the present, we see S-Snake flying while Egghead Island’s evacuation process is still ongoing. On the other hand, a ship of Blackhead Pirates is coming toward Egghead.

On Elbaf, Kid is handling the Red Hat crew, who are considered weaker if compared to the Yonkou’s crew. Moreover, it’s also said that the Red Hat crew members are able to survive because Shanks give them protection. As Red Hat Pirates arrive at the coast, they are seen talking before proceeding for the battle. Lucky Roux asks Shanks not to worry, as they will face the situation first. Shanks tells him about Kid’s bounties, and he also tells him not to underestimate Kid.

Shanks enquires from Hongo if he has some new information about the Blackbeards. Hongo replies that he doesn’t know anything else except Blackbeard’s departure from Pirate Island. Shanks then says that he hoped to see the crew at Wanokuni, but he couldn’t. After that, he confirms from Yasopp if, before the battle, Kid’s wounds have healed. Yasopp says that he is absolutely fine.

Kid is seen destroying the ships of red Hair Pirates, but that does not happen in reality. That was just a future sight that Shank’s advanced Haki showed him. Shanks gets furious after seeing the vision, so he heads toward the Kid Pirates’ ship and releases Kumusari’s attack on them. Kid gets unconscious while the Killer who helped Kid starts coughing blood.

Seeing the entire situation, Kid’s crew members surrendered and handed the Poneglyphs copies to Shanks. Dorry and Broggy first lectures the crew members, and after that, they destroy the entire ship, making Kid and the entire crew drown in the sea.

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