One Piece Chapter 1079 initial spoilers have arrived, and fans can’t be happy enough seeing the influential Shank back in the manga after so long.

Eiichiro Oda does some big developments in the storyline, and due to this, the fans grow desperate to keep track of the incidents that will take place in the upcoming chapters. Since the start, the manga has been loved by every manga fan because of its storytelling, unique world, and interesting characters. It still manages to sit among the top 4 popular mangas in Manga Plus. Seeing its current developments, we can say that Oda is in no mood to stop the crazy entertainment franchise.

Well, keeping everything aside, let’s focus on the spoilers of the next chapter that has been released by Orojapan on Twitter.

One Piece Chapter 1079 spoilers explained

One Piece Chapter 1079 shows that York finds out about World Government’s betrayal, so she can’t stand it and instructs the Seraphims to kill everyone except Vegapunk. After that, the spoilers state that the Kurohige Pirates ship is seen near Egghead Island.

The scene then cuts to Elbaf, where Shanks and Kid are fighting. The former wins using the attack Kumusari on Kid. As per the English translation, Redon has revealed that the powerful attack goes by the name Divine Departure. After seeing Kid’s defeat, his pirates surrender and simply hand over the Poneglyphs copies that Kid obtained from Wano. Simultaneously, Dorry and Broggy demolish the Kid’s ship.

These are only the brief spoilers for the chapters, and soon Redon will release the full summary, that’s usually released three to four days prior to the official release of a chapter. That means we will get the final spoilers either on Wednesday or on Thursday, as the new chapters of One Piece get released every Sunday.

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