Shadow and Bone Season 2 introduces us to Sturmhond in its initial moments. The charming man later comes out as Nikolai Lantsov, the prince of Ravka. Now, every fan of the dark fantasy series looks forward to learning about the fictional character and the actor who played him.

The first season of Shadow and Bone adapted Leigh Bardugo’s trilogy’s first book and some piece of the duology, Six of Crows, that’s part of the same universe. Now, Season 2 of the television series has adapted the second book, Seige and Storm, and some elements from the last book in the series, i.e., Ruin and Rising.

Who is Sturmhond AKA Nikolai Lantsov, in Shadow and Bone?

In the latest season of Shadow and Bone, we meet a privateer who addresses himself as Sturmhond. The person is said to have a fleet of ships with a few crew members, including the twins Talya and Tomar. However, later, we came to know that he is the Prince of Ravka, named Nikolai Lantsov.

He is the second son of Queen Tatiana and Alexander III. However, the rumors about him stated that he was an illegitimate son of a sea trader Magnus Opjer and the queen. He took many different jobs throughout the years because he wanted to experience a life that he did not get a chance to see closely.

Even though Nikolai is not a Grisha, he provided a grand alliance to the sun summoner Alina in her battle against the Darkling. He also kept a marriage proposal in front of Alina as he believed their marriage could help both of them become stronger. But as Alina had feelings for Mal, she rejected the proposal.

Talking about Nikolai’s abilities, he is a skilled fighter with proficiency in handling numerous weapons. Moreover, since his childhood, he has been an incredible inventor. For instance, he redesigned a clock into a gadget as a child.

Who played Nikolai in Shadow and Bone Season 2?

The role of Nikolai is played by the Irish actor Patrick Gibson. In 2022, the 27-year-old London-based actor joined the cast as Nikolai in Shadow and Bone Season 2.

Patrick started his acting career in 2009 with the television show, The Tudors, in which he appeared in 3 episodes as Aske’s son. Since then, he has worked in several tv shows and films. His latest performances were seen in Shadow and Bone S2 as Nikolai Lantsov and in the movie The Portable Door, where he was seen as Paul, a carpenter.

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