The mighty Mythosaur has always been a staple symbol in The Mandalorian show and we explain the history of the gargantuan beast from Star Wars’ Mandalore and compare its size to the Krayt dragon.

Despite gaining space pirate Gorian Shard during the season 3 premiere, many Star Wars fans still hope for Hondo Ohnaka to appear.

Created by Jon Favreau and starring Pascal as the titular bounty hunter, The Mandalorian follows Din Djarin who is hired to track down a child known as Grogu – more commonly Baby Yoda – but ends up doing everything he can to protect him from Imperial forces.

Mythosaur origin

The Mythosaur was a non-sentient, reptile species native to the Outer Rim of Mandalore where it dominated.

According to Star Wars Legends, the species remained dominant until the arrival of the Mandalorian Taung – a nomadic group led by Mandalore the First – around 7000 BBY, immigrating from the planet Roon.

The warriors allegedly slaughtered the mighty beasts and drove them to extinction, keeping the Mythosaur skull as their symbol.

In Star Wars canon, however, the ancient Mandalorians tamed the beasts instead of slaughtering them.

Mythosaur size

The most striking takeaway from the Mythosaur is its overwhelming size said to reach the scale of small cities.

The species had four enormous legs that supported the weight of its mass, and the head of the Mythosaur had massive downturned horns that curved inwards, slant eyes, and a mouth full of long teeth.

The Mythosaur’s size is known in Legends lore to have dwarfed the Krayt dragon, which was considered to be the largest apex predator on Tatooine.

The scale of the Mythosaur’s skeleton has also been compared to the size of Mandalore’s Imperial stronghold, The City of Bone.

The Mandalorians used to ride Mythosaur

According to canon, the Mandalorian Taung not only tamed the Mythosaurs, but they ended up riding them as mounts as well.

In accordance with Kuiil – a character seen in season 1 of The Mandalorian – the ancient Mandalorians did ride the Mythosaurs and likely made them beasts of burden too.

In season 1 of The Mandalorian, when Din Djarin attempts to ride a blurrg, Kuiil calls out Mando’s impatience and reminds him that his ancestors used to ride Mythosaurs.

The Mythosaur skull became the Mandalorian symbol

Since the Mandalorians have a history with the Mythosaurs, in both canon and Legends, the Mythosaur skull has remained a staple in Mandalorian culture.

The Mandalorian’s helmet, called kyr’bes, was influenced by the shape and look of the Mythosaur skull, and Legends history also tells of how Mandalore the First made his kyr’bes out of a Mythosaur’s sternum.

The Mythosaur skull has since served as a symbol of strength and power on Mandalore, alongside the Darksaber that stands as a scepter of great importance in the clan.

A gold replica of a Mythosaur skull sitting on a rock wall behind a circle of flames in The Mandalorian season 3 episode 1
The Mandalorian – Cr. Lucasfilm, Disney Plus

The Mandalorian episode count and release schedule

The Mandalorian season 3 is confirmed to have eight episodes, following the episode count of its previous two seasons.

Season 3 will follow the pattern of most Disney Plus shows and release weekly, in this case, every Wednesday.

Each installment typically lasts between 30-50 minutes in length and the below release schedule confirms the season 3 finale will take place on Wednesday, April 19, 2023.

Season 3’s full release schedule outlines when you can catch every new episode of The Mandalorian until the finale.

Din Djarin pointing at Grogu's cart in The Mandalorian - Who is in The Mandalorian suit? Introducing Lateef Crowder and Brendan Wayne.
The Mandalorian – Cr. Star Wars, YouTube

By Jo Craig – [email protected]

The Mandalorian season 3 is now streaming on Disney Plus.

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