A new batch of episode guides for Star Wars: Visions season 2 have unveiled a host of easter eggs from the must-watch animated shorts.

Released to Disney+ on May 4 earlier this year, season 2 of Star Wars: Visions brought some fascinating new takes on the Star Wars galaxy to our screens as animation studios from around the world contributed nine unique stories for fans to delve into. Now, the official Star Wars website has released a host of episode guides for the animated anthology, revealing details on some of the references and easter eggs that feature in Visions season 2.

A sith with a metal mask and red face paint holds a lightsaber in Star Wars: Visions
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The episode’s stunning art style is inspired by Miro, Picasso, Monet, American Expressionism and UPA Cartoons.

Meanwhile, the lightsaber belonging to the terrifying Sith Master is based on La Tizona, a real medieval sword used by El Cid, a Spanish knight and warlord.

Lola reaching out with a robotic arm in Star Wars Visions season 2
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Screecher’s Reach

Created by Irish Studio Cartoon Saloon, Screecher’s Reach is inspired by the creepy cave sequence in The Empire Strikes Back.

Irish folklore also provides a great deal of inspiration, specifically the ghostly banshee which informed the appearances of the bone-chilling screecher and the ominous Sith Mother who appears at the end of the episode.

Keena, Quinn, Baython, and Daal in a scene from the "STAR WARS: VISIONS, Volume 2” short by Cartoon Saloon, “SCREECHER'S REACH”
© Lucasfilm | Disney+

In The Stars

A whale skull that features in the episode is actually real and was photographed by the Punkrobot team in Patagonia.

The logo on the Imperial officer’s hat is a reference to Julius Popper, one of the perpetrators behind the genocide of the native Selk’nam people.

Tichina looking up to the sky in Star Wars Visions season 2
© Punkrobot | Lucasfilm | Disney+

I Am Your Mother

I Am Your Mother’s marketplace is filled with charming nods to creatures of Star Wars past including banthas, porgs and blurrgs – even the pole that Luke dangles from in The Empire Strikes Back makes a sneaky appearance.

Aardman includes a reference to their own work too as the robot from Wallace & Gromit: A Grand Day Out makes a brief cameo too.

On top of that, several familiar ships appear in the episode too, including the Stinger Mantis from the Fallen Order and Survivor games as well as a vessel similar to the quadjumper that gets destroyed in The Force Awakens.

Julan Van Reeple leaning against a wooden carving in Star Wars Visions season 2
© Aardman | Lucasfilm | Disney+

Journey To The Dark Head

The images that Ara sees in the mystical cobble show silhouettes of famous Star Wars characters including Padmé Amidala, Darth Vader and the Skywalker twins.

Meanwhile, the enormous head statue in the episode takes inspiration from the Haetae statues in Seoul’s Gyeongbokgung Palace.

Toul wielding a lightsaber in Star Wars Visions season 2
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The Spy Dancer

The Spy Dancer is largely inspired by the efforts of operatives working for the French Resistance during the German occupation of France in WWII, including real-life dancer Josephine Baker.

On a more jovial note, the Imperial vehicles that feature in the episode are inspired by the vintage MTV-7 toy released by Kenner in 1983.

Loi'e with Stormtroopers at a bar in Star Wars Visions season 2
© Studio La Cachette | Lucasfilm | Disney+

The Bandits of Golak

Indian mythology provided the inspiration for much of the episode including its Inquisitor, which is based on a mythical being known as the danava.

The Bandits of Golak’s art style is inspired by American artist Edwin Lord Weeks whose studies of Indian people, architecture and culture informed much of his work.

An Inquisitor wielding a lightsaber in Star Wars Visions season 2
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The Pit

The Pit features a familiar voice actor as Steve Blum, who voices Zeb Orrelios in Star Wars Rebels, cameos as the Stormtrooper Commander in the episode.

Beyond that, the monument in the episode’s town reads “Crystal City” in Aurebesh which is a nod to the city of Chaleydonia on the planet of Christophsis from The Clone Wars.

Eureka and other prisoners in the Pit in Star Wars Visions season 2
© D’ART Shtajio | Lucasfilm | Disney+

Aau’s Song

And finally, in Aau’s Song, A Mandalorian with purple armor can be seen shopping in Korba’s marketplace.

The Jedi character of Kratu was inspired by the cousin of co-director Nadia Darries who is a shaman.

Meanwhile, the mine in the episode, which is called Spire 17, is based on the South African mountain Chapman’s Peak.

Aau hanging from a rope in Star Wars Visions season 2
© Triggerfish | Lucasfilm | Disney+

Star Wars: Visions season 2 is available to stream on Disney+ after releasing on May 4, 2023.

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