In HBO’s The Last of Us episode 3, the dreaded Bloaters could be making an appearance if the show follows the game but what are these hideous things called Bloaters?

Viewers have seen their fair share of horrific events so far in HBO’s The Last of Us and we aren’t even halfway through the series yet! From Sarah’s emotional death scene to Tess’s heroic bow out, we aren’t too sure how much our hearts can take. But take it we must as the show is, so far, a stunning masterpiece that plays true to the incredible game of the same name.

As players of the game will know, we have yet to see all the different types of infected that roam the corridors looking for their next meal. One of the most dreaded infected is the Bloaters which we could be seeing in the next episode. Let’s take a look at these puss-filled creatures.

What are Bloaters in The Last of Us?

Even though they look absolutely disgusting, Bloaters have taken years to achieve their horrific appearance and are also the most dangerous stage an infected can morph into. Due to a long time being exposed to the Cordyceps brain infection, the fungus has entirely consumed Bloaters’ bodies in scale-like tissue leaving them with almost impenetrable shells.

Not only are they extremely violent, the most aggressive out of all infected, but they are also very strong, tearing apart anything that gets in their way. Thankfully, they are the slowest out of all the infected which can give their victims the upper hand.

Just like Clickers, Bloaters use a deep ‘clicking’ sound to locate their prey and if they haven’t ripped the poor human who doesn’t get out of their way in time, they will get them with their sacks of mycotoxin, which explode out of their bodies, spraying the target with the toxin and killing them instantly.

One of the best ways to kill Bloaters is by fire which you usually need quite a lot of, and that’s if they don’t get you first.

HBO The Last of Us episode 3 could see Bloaters make an appearance

If HBO follows the game, we are likely to see Bloaters as Ellie and Joel finally meet Bill, which has been showcased with a preview of episode 3. In the game, Bill helps Joel and Ellie find a battery for a car so they can make it further across the country. As they come across a school to look for a military vehicle he spotted there, they encounter their first huge Bloater. Without spoiling it or knowing how HBO will reenact this particular scene, the Bloater certainly is a sight to see which proves to be a savage battle of courage and skill.

The Last of Us continues on Sunday, January 29 on HBO and HBO Max. For UK viewers episode 3 will be available on Sky and NOWTV the following day.

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