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What is imposter syndrome? DCU's Booster Gold series explained

An unlikely character was announced during DC Studios’ first showcase regarding the new DCU line-up and we introduce you to Booster Gold, explain what his imposter syndrome condition is, and discuss the fandom’s fan cast featuring Chris Pratt.

Alongside Booster Gold, a new Superman and Supergirl project was announced, a Lanterns, Waller, and animated Creature Commandos series for HBO Max was also confirmed, as well as movies The Brave and the Bold and The Authority.

James Gunn kept his promise by revealing a number of new movies and shows, but he also confirmed that there are more comic adaptations still to be announced for chapter 1.

Who is Booster Gold?

Michael Carter lived in the 25th century in the year 2442 with his mother and worked his way through college playing football under the nickname ‘Booster.’

After his mother got sick, he decided to follow in his absentee father’s footsteps and began gambling to raise money for her treatment, including fixing his football games which he later got arrested for.

After being released from jail, Michael got a job at the Metropolis Space Museum and decided to become a superhero himself by stealing various superpowered artifacts and traveling back in time using Rip Hunter’s time machine.

Arriving in the 20th century, Michael managed to save the United States president, Ronald Reagan, and so achieved the superhero status he wanted under the moniker, Booster Gold.

DC Studios – Cr. DC, YouTube.

What is Imposter Syndrome?

During James Gunn’s announcement on the future of the DCU, the co-CEO stated that the HBO Max Booster Gold series is “the superhero story of imposter syndrome.”

Imposter syndrome is a psychological condition where the person doubts their skills, fame, or success, often believing that their fortune is undeserved or fraudulent.

People who experience this condition often describe themselves as imposters, reaping the success that they think belongs to others.

In Booster Gold’s case, Michael Carter will go through a neat character study within the series showcasing his imposter syndrome while becoming a superhero.

DC aficionados fan cast Chris Pratt as Booster Gold

It doesn’t take comic-book fans long to begin fan-casting their favorite characters in light of a new project announcement and Chris Pratt is the next batter up.

Pratt is known for his leading roles in Gunn’s Guardians of the Galaxy trilogy for Marvel Studios and the Jurassic World franchise.

The fans believe Pratt has the comedic gold to bring this character to life, serving as the actor’s first DC role, alongside the series possibly channeling the same tone as Amazon Prime’s The Boys.

By Jo Craig – [email protected]

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