Critics and horror fans are already calling Evil Dead Rise the best horror of the year so far and we explore what the monster is during the conclusion and discuss the Kandarian demon and Necronomicon at length.

We previously introduced you to actor Morgan Davies and his character, Danny, alongside his co-star Gabrielle Echols.

Directed by Lee Cronin and produced by original Evil Dead director, Sam Raimi, Evil Dead Rise serves as the fifth overall installment in the horror franchise, following sisters who discover a mysterious, ancient book hidden in an apartment building that soon unleashes terror.

**Warning – Spoilers ahead for Evil Dead Rise**

What is the monster in Evil Dead Rise?

During the climax of Evil Dead Rise, Beth (Lily Sullivan) is trying to escape the apartment building with Kassie (Nell Fisher) – but there’s a final challenge in their way.

A terrifying monster blocks their way out which seems to be a terrible mass made up of several Deadites, clumping together in order to make one disgusting foe – similar to the demon’s appearance in Evil Dead II.

During an interview with Slash Film, director Lee Cronin explained the process of creating such a complex monster – which was primarily built using practical effects with minimal CGI:

“It was damn hard. And it is primarily practical, but it was very, very hard to create. I don’t want to spoil anything, but the reality, the actual real biology of what it would take is almost impossible. So it was very hard. It was a lot of practical. All the actors were involved. We had stunt doubles for each one of them that would perform certain parts. We had multiple different elements of the prosthetics that were required, and harnesses, and rigs, and then a lot of time, and a lot of pain.” 

Alyssa Sutherland possessed in a bath tub in Evil Dead Rise
Evil Dead Rise – Cr. Warner Bros. Australia, YouTube.

What is the Kandarian demon?

The Kandarian demon is the main antagonist of the Evil Dead franchise and it’s the demonic spirit that is responsible for creating the Deadites of the series.

This spirit initially remained unseen but finally revealed itself as a sentient “living cloud” and Deadite mass during the denouement of Evil Dead II and was later replaced by the Taker of Souls.

The demon is thought to be created by The Dark Ones – previous rulers of Earth using dark magic – and tamed, but it was later put into slumber by using a spell to contain it within the Necronomicon. 

Throughout Evil Dead lore, the Kandarian demon was unleashed from the book several times, wreaking havoc wherever it went.

Some of the demon’s powers include the ability to fly, cause hallucinations and possession, manipulate sound and wind, and turn nearly anything into Deadites – parasite demons that can possess and feast on the souls of living creatures.

Is the Necronomicon real?

No, the Necronomicon is not a real book in our world but a work of fiction created by iconic writer H.P. Lovecraft.

The book is officially titled the Necronomicon Ex-Mortis and also goes by the names The Book of the Dead and Naturom Demonto.

The grimoire harnesses the Kandarian Demon and acts as a gateway for demonic power. The book also has the ability to speak, more so when blood touches its cover.

The Necronomicon was first mentioned in Lovecraft’s 1924 short story, The Hound, and writers August Derleth and Clark Ashton Smith later adapted its existence into other works.

The book is also thought to be loosely inspired by the Egyptian Book of the Dead, which is known to be a real-world funerary textbook from the ancient civilization, containing text and spells that aided a deceased person’s travel through the Duat (Underworld) to the afterlife.

Necronomicon page in Evil Dead Rise
Evil Dead Rise – Cr. Warner Bros. Australia, YouTube.

Evil Dead Rise Cast

Lily Sullivan from The Other Guys fame is fulfilling her first role in the horror franchise, playing protagonist Beth, who shares similarities to the franchise’s previous lead, Ash Williams, including the iconic blue shirt.

Billy Reynolds-McCarthy and Morgan Davies also appear in the cast list, as well as young actors Nell Fisher and Tai Wano.

Below, we have included the cast list of Evil Dead Rise:

Where to watch Evil Dead Rise

Evil Dead Rise made its debut in cinemas worldwide on Friday, April 21, 2023, and the only place to face the Deadites this weekend will be in your local theater.

The loose sequel is being distributed by Warner Bros. Pictures, which means it will eventually come to the streaming service, HBO Max – which was recently rebranded to Max.

Following the pattern of most Universal movies gone before, the horror will honor a 45 to 90-day window as a cinema exclusive before arriving on the aforementioned streaming platform, therefore, we can expect Evil Dead Rise to appear on Max during the summer.

By Jo Craig – [email protected]

Evil Dead Rise is now in theatres worldwide.

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