What is the passcode for the Secret Invasion preview clip, stored in an encrypted file on ‘The Invasion Has Begun’ website?

Secret Invasion may be several weeks away, but the new Marvel series is looking like it could be one of the most fascinating and unnerving shows in the MCU to date.

Not knowing friend from foe; Secret Invasion has now shared a curious teaser, the opening five minutes of the TV series which is ‘encrypted’ on a special teaser website.

Access to the opening clip required a passcode to watch; but what is this password and what happens in the first scene of Secret Invasion?

Spoiler warning: This article will contain the password for the Secret Invasion preview clip and a brief summary of the clip itself.

Samuel L Jackson as Nick Fury speaks to Rhodey in his office
Secret Invasion/Marvel Studios/Marvel Entertainment YouTube channel

What is the passcode for the Secret Invasion clip?

The first five minutes of Secret Invasion are available to watch via theinvasionhasbegun.com website, the passcode is ‘RSD3PX5N7S.’

The blog post on the Marvel website teased: “Ahead of the release of Marvel Studios’ Secret Invasion, a search across social media unfolded for clues to unlock an encrypted file on a secure website. And with no help from Fury himself (where is he?), it’s up to viewers to untangle this web for a taste of what awaits in the thrilling series.”

The passcode to the ‘encrypted file’ was likely meant to take fans some time to figure out; however, the Secret Invasion Twitter page would actually accidentally tweet out the password three minutes before the original post from Marvel Studios was published.

The tweet was edited less than one minute later to feature just the website name and #SecretInvasion, but it is quite funny that the answer to the encrypted file was available before fans even began their search.

What happens in ‘The Invasion Has Begun’ teaser?

The preview clip for Secret Invasion opens in present day Moscow to Martin Freeman’s Everett Ross warning someone on the phone not to move from their location.

The narrator explains: “Imagine a world where information can’t be trusted. Not very hard, is it? Society starts to fray. All we can turn to are the people we care about. But what if those people weren’t who we thought they were? What if the ones closest to us, the ones we’ve trusted our whole lives, were someone else entirely?”

As Ross talks to Agent Prescod in a safe house, the narrator adds to the tease “What if they weren’t even human?” It turns out that the narrator was Agent Prescod, who proceeds to warn Ross about the impending chaos that will ensue.

Prescod thinks that there is a secret group behind a series of recent terrorist attacks around the world, he suspects the Skrulls; who were apparently promised a safe new world by Nick Fury three decades ago.

Ross says that he needs more than wild theories in order for Fury to return from outer space to which Prescod hands him a mysterious tablet claiming that this next attack will be the one to start a world war.

Ross says that he will give the information to Fury…At which point, Prescod tackles him and the preview clip ends.

Secret Invasion premieres via Disney+ on June 21.

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