**Warning – Spoilers ahead for The Last of Us**

Fans of the source material have applauded HBO’s loyalty to the game thus far, but episode 4 made some changes to the antagonistic group previously known as the Hunters and we explain the new, but similar group from Kansas City and reveal if their leader, Kathleen, was in The Last of Us video game.

Episode 4, titled Please Hold My Hand, saw Joel and Ellie travel across the state in Bill and Frank’s car, only to walk into a trap laid by Kathleen and the hostile survivors of Kansas City.

Created by Craig Mazin and Neil Druckmann for HBO and based on the 2013 video game of the same name by Naughty Dog, The Last of Us series follows smuggler Joel who must escort teenager Ellie across a post-apocalyptic America ridden with infected creatures.

Who are the Hunters?

The Hunters appeared in The Last of Us game as a playable faction in Factions MP and are also referred to in The Last of Us Part II.

Existing as a group of hostels spread out over Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, and Jackson County, Wyoming, the Hunters are notorious for killing any “tourist” that enters their district and Joel and Ellie encounter them in Pittsburgh.

This group of survivors is made up of former residents dwelling in the quarantine zone, who managed to overrule the military, and Joel and Tommy served under one Hunters group for a time.

In an interview with Bustle, Craig Mazin explained that Kathleen leads HBO’s equivalent to a Hunters group, but notes that “in the show, they’re a bit different.” 

Was Kathleen in The Last of Us video game?

No, Kathleen was not in The Last of Us video game and serves as an original character in HBO’s adaptation.

The Kansas leader is played by Yellowjackets actor, Melanie Lynskey, and she is described to be at the head of a revolutionary movement.

Within the same interview, Mazin described Kathleen as a “complicated character,” who is responsible for doing terrible things but carries a motive that will make viewers sympathize with her later on – perhaps something to do with her ambiguous brother.

Melanie Lynskey as Kathleen walking from a crowd in HBO's The Last of Us
HBO’s The Last of Us – Cr. HBO Max, YouTube.

How many episodes in The Last of Us? Episode 5 preview

The Last of Us is confirmed to have nine episodes within its debut season on HBO and HBO Max, with each installment released on Sundays.

HBO’s release schedule confirms that the season finale is scheduled to take place on March 12, 2023, and episode 5 will air on February 12, 2023.

Episode 5 will see all hell break loose in Kansas City under Kathleen’s rule, while Joel and Ellie unite with original characters Henry and Sam.

The Last of Us episode guide and release schedule lets you know when every episode airs, along with titles as they are announced.

By Jo Craig – [email protected]

The Last of Us is now showing on HBO and HBO Max.

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