After making a miraculous recovery from his snow plow incident, Jeremy Renner is now promoting his new Disney Plus documentary, Rennervations, and we introduce you to co-star, Rory Millikin, and explore their working relationship.

Despite Disney Plus keeping tight-lipped on season 2’s possibilities, Renner briefly alluded to a second season on Twitter while promoting the show, stating “more to come.”

Created by Zach Merck for Disney Plus, the documentary mini-series, Rennervations, sees actor and singer, Jeremy Renner, embark on his lifelong mission to utilize his passion for construction to give back to the community by renovating spacious vehicles to help the community’s needs.

Who is Rory Millikin?

Rory Millikin is introduced as Renner’s business partner on the Rennervations project, but he’s also a close friend of the actor.

Millikin also serves as the executive producer of the Disney Plus mini-series, with no prior credits in the industry.

Instead, Millikin’s Linkedin states that he is an entrepreneur and award-winning inventor, who patented the world’s first “Extraction-free, CO2-Free, and Chemical-Free CBD Whole Plant Nano Powder.”

Millikin is also the co-founder of companies Vero Naturals, Gods Greenery, and Miraculo, as well as founding OilGuards & SpinFresh.

Rory makes the Rennervations project “way more fun”

It’s clear after viewing various clips from the show, that Renner and Millikin have a close but playful companionship, and the former has already teased his co-star on social media.

Renner posted on Twitter that he would be sharing this Rennervations journey with Rory, prefacing his announcement by saying “Sharing the journey, sharing the experiences with good friends is all I aim to do in life…They were busy, so I settled for Rory.”

In the short clip accompanied by the post, Renner admitted that viewers will wonder what he does, but he assured Millikin makes the project “way more fun” and “has a way with people.” 

Jeremy’s road to recovery

On New Year’s Day this year, it was reported that Renner suffered blunt chest trauma and orthopedic injuries after a Snowcat snow plow accidentally ran over one of the actor’s legs while he was clearing the remains of a snowstorm in Nevada.

The actor – who is notably known for his roles playing Clint Barton, a.k.a. Hawkeye, in Marvel movies – sustained horrific injuries but is now well on the road to recovery.

Despite currently using a stick for support, Renner has bounced back tremendously, with the support of his family, friends, Marvel co-stars, and fans, and he even attended the red-carpet premiere for Rennervations recently.

By Jo Craig – [email protected]

Rennervations is now streaming on Disney Plus.

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