Tatsuki Fujimoto’s Chainsaw Man has come with several devils, but the devil that made an entry in the recent chapters is way more powerful than the previous ones.

In previous chapters, we saw several people committing suicide, and that’s when we came to know that something robust was about to appear in the storyline. Then, we also see Yoru, the war devil fleeing as she finds herself weaker than the new devil. Well, in the previous chapter, we finally learned that the new entry’s name is Falling devil, and now, it’s time for us to find out more about her personality and abilities.

Falling Devil fabricates itself using the mutilated human remains

How does the Falling Devil looks? Well, it’s something that’s not known yet because when the devil appeared for the first time, it appeared as a female naked headless body. After that, it attached a head to the neck. Besides that, it has eight arms, all of which come out of its neck, and blood keeps coming out of its eyes, mouth, and ears.

Coming directly from hell, the Falling Devil believes it’s their duty to fulfill every devil’s wish. However, she doesn’t blackout to kill other devils if they do not follow her created terms and conditions. Moreover, it names the attack as if it’s some kind of dish served in a restaurant.

The devil embodies the fears of its targets

In the Current Arc, the Falling Devil is the main antagonist who comes with the power of manipulating the minds of its target. For instance, the previous chapters of Chainsaw Man part 2 shows how it controlled the mind of several people and convinced them to commit suicide voluntarily.

Asa also starts becoming her target when she has a vision of her traumatic past but thanks to the war devil, Yoru, who’s always there to protect her vessel. Moreover, the devil can also magnify and force its prey to focus more on their traumatized past and develop negative feelings so that they don’t have the motivation to live.

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