Today is a special day for Astro fans as the group is celebrating its seventh debut anniversary. To make the day even more special, K-Pop and K-Drama land darling, Cha Eunwoo shared a sweet portrait with the members.

The K-Pop group, Astro made their debut in 2016 on February 23. The six-member boy band comprises of MJ, Jinjin, Eunwoo, Moon Bin, Rocky, and Sanha. Over the years, Astro has given us fabulous hits like All Night, Blue Fame, Candy Sugar Pop, and more. Most recently the group’s subunit, Moon Bin and Sanha, made comeback with a brand new EP, Incense.

As Astro celebrates their seventh anniversary, Eunwoo along with the members took to Instagram to share the special milestone with their fans, Arohas.

Eunwoo unveils sweet Astro portrait

On January 23, Eunwoo took to Instagram and unveiled the Astro members’ “family photo.” The portrait features luxury jewellery and watches label, Chaumet and its ‘Stories of Liens’ campaign. The Liens collection is notably significant itself as it “celebrates the bonds between people.”

Along with the stunning accessories, Astro members can be seen in matching white plain T-shirts and denim jeans. The exquisite look is undeniably perfect for an intimate portrait.

Cha Eunwoo captioned the picture, “7 years anniversary” and melted hearts with a range of stunning black and white portraits. Noticeably, MJ is missing from the picture as he is currently fulfilling his mandatory military duties since enlisting last year. The rest of the members continued to share the photos on their respective Instagram profiles with heartwarming captions:

Fans ‘sob’ over Eunwoo holding Sanha

One of the portraits shows Eunwoo softly holding Sanha’s hand as they warmly smile for the camera. As a result, Arohas are melting over the delicate gesture.

A fan gushes: “Eunwoo holding onto Sanha you [don’t] understand I’ve missed them so much…look at my Woosan.”

By Shriya Swami – [email protected]

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