The star collaboration is finally here! Shaun and Jeff Satur finally released their brand new song, Steal The Show. The stars unveiled a captivating music video, and fans have labeled it a “work of art.”

Since the rise of K-Pop and K-Drama to now Thai entertainment, there’s been a massive increase in interest in Asian showbiz and culture. Every once in a while, fans are pleasantly surprised when these two worlds of Korean and Thai entertainment collide.

South Korean singer-songwriter and music producer, Shaun, recently collaborated with the Thai drama actor and singer, Jeff Satur for Steal The Show. Let’s take a look at the awaited collab and how fans are going wild over it.

Shaun head and shoulder shot, dark background, he stands face to face with Jeff
SHAUN | YouTube

Shaun and Jeff Satur drop Steal The Show music video

Way Back Home hitmaker, Shaun, and Fade sweetheart, Jeff, have finally released their much-anticipated music video for Steal The Show.

The visually appealing music video is set in a loft apartment backdrop. From candles and scattered furniture to cages, it comes wrapped in cool tones and black-and-white montages. Talking about the iconic look, Shaun’s dark and blue timbre poetically contradicts Jeff’s fiery red epitome. Therefore, a visual masterpiece!

Steal The Show lyrics

Steal The Show’s lyrics exude intimacy and sensualness. Both the stars have done a praiseworthy job at bringing out their respective personas in the stunning music video.

Here’s a look at the lyrics where Shaun has been credited as one of the co-writers of the song:

Baby I’m caught in the middle
Flashing lights, fancy life, that’s what you think you are made of
Thrilling times and your lies, your adrenaline’s toxic as venoms
But that’s not what I’m about
Take the stage and do your show
‘Cause I want to see it blows
‘Cause you’re the star that never glows
I want you to steal the show

Jeff Satur head and shoulder shot wearing red cardigan and black stones necklace, dark background as look at Shaun in front of him
SHAUN | YouTube

Fans call the collaboration a ‘work of art’

Fans have been going wild over both the stars’ chemistry and dark visuals ever since the music video dropped. Now, let’s take a look at some of the fan reactions.

By Shriya Swami – [email protected]

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