Family Guy has been on our screens so long that some people don’t even know if the show is still airing new episodes, or if it has finally been canceled for good.

It would not be much of an exaggeration to claim that the outrageous animated comedy is one of the most iconic long-running series of all time, having spent more than two decades rivaling the likes of The Simpsons and South Park. But with ratings plummeting and viewer numbers dwindling, it’s only natural to wonder when, if ever, Family Guy will finally be canceled.

Is Family Guy canceled in 2023?

While you may not have watched a new episode for a few years, we can confirm that, at the time of writing in August 2023, Family Guy is not canceled, and is actually continuing to do pretty well for itself.

Despite the fact that it debuted on air before the turn of the millennium, there is clearly still a strong demand for the Quahog residents, who we have now had the pleasure of watching for no less than 21 seasons.

Having recently hit the hallowed 400-episode mark, the TV show is clearly not content with simply churning out average content but is also thriving on the awards front, as evidenced by the nod Family Guy received in the 2023 Emmy nominations.

Barring an unexpected turn of events, a cancelation doesn’t appear to be on the immediate horizon for Family Guy either, with Fox having signed MacFarlane, Kunis and the gang up for two more seasons – 22 and 23, the first of which is set to begin this coming Autumn.

Family Guy has been canceled many times in the eyes of some

While it isn’t canceled in a literal sense, if one was to use the term ‘canceled’ more broadly. Family Guy has been canceled countless times over the year, by various people.

Though it’s rather difficult to squeeze a list of Family Guy’s most controversial moments into a single article, the Griffin family and their Rhode Island counterparts have been making headlines for the wrong reasons and topping ‘do not watch lists’ ever since season 1.

FOX's Family Guy - Season Seventeen
Photo by FOX via Getty Images

The likes of Sarah Palin, the Parents Television Council and, oddly enough, South Park creators Matt Stone and Trey Parker, would probably all regard Family Guy as ‘canceled’ in their eyes. They all called out the show various times over the years for their own individual reasons.

With that being said, Family Guy has likely saved itself from ever being officially canceled in the eyes of the wider public through its inherently irreverent nature. The fact that it feels as if most of its edgiest jokes have at least some hint of irony to them.

What we know about season 22

Aside from cancelations, there have been some concerns about the ongoing WGA strike, and how it could potentially affect shows like Family Guy.

But Fox appears to have put such concerns to bed, with a rather revealing preview of season 22 of Family Guy, which is set to air on October 1. Because the show is created so far in advance to cope with the animation pressures, there is a good chance the network will be able to air at least some of the series without the input of MacFarlane.

And, as you can see from the trailer, season 22 looks pretty actioned packed. Featuring mindless stunts from Peter and the guys, jokes you wouldn’t like to make in front of your parents and a ruthless impersonation of Timothee Chalamet, the latest installment could well help Family Guy to retain some of its lost viewers.

Of course, the major giveaway from the new preview is Meg and her pregnancy, a storyline that will give the unfortunate eldest child a rare chance to shine on the show – before something inevitably goes wrong, that is.

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