Disney’s latest show starring Marvel star, Jeremy Renner, is perfect viewing for a spring weekend and we discuss Renner’s Rennervations season 2 tease on Twitter and reveal how many episodes are in the miniseries.

Disney viewers were wondering who Renner’s co-host was, so we supplied an introduction to businessman, Rory Millikin.

Created by Zach Merck for Disney Plus, the documentary mini-series, Rennervations, sees actor and singer, Jeremy Renner, embark on his lifelong mission to utilize his passion for construction to give back to the community by renovating spacious vehicles to help the community’s needs.

Jeremy Renner teases Rennervations season 2

During this week, Renner has been promoting the show on his social media, particularly his Twitter feed.

The actor posted many photos with the crew during Disney Plus’ red carpet event and one tweet from Renner stood out.

The tweet in question shows photos of Renner on the red carpet with the crew, but his accompanying words in the post seemed to hint at the possibility of Season 2.

Renner said “Today is the day!!!! I hope you all enjoy the show…more to come.”

Renner stating “more to come” seems to suggest that another set of episodes is on the way within a season 2 format.

Disney has yet to confirm if more episodes exist and if we’re getting a season 2, but Renner’s statement has given viewers hope.

How many episodes are in Rennervations?

Since the series is being labeled as a miniseries, Rennervations only has four episodes to air on Disney Plus.

All episodes dropped at the same time on April 12, 2023, and each installment lasts between 25-34 minutes in length.

Most miniseries are capped to one season, similar to the format of limited series, but Disney may break that mold.

In addition to starring Renner and co-host, Rory Millikin, each episode also welcomes a famous face, including actor and singer, Vanessa Hudgens, and Renner’s Marvel co-star, Anthony Mackie.

Below is a brief episode guide to assist your binge-watch:

By Jo Craig – [email protected]

Rennervations is now streaming on Disney Plus.

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