The Last of Us HBO fans aren’t prepared for what’s coming as the Rat King will be sure to turn fans’ dreams into nightmares.

Warning: Spoilers for HBO’s The Last of Us episode 2

Episode 2 of HBO’s The Last of Us has come and gone, and what an eventful episode it was. Not only did we encounter our first infected, the clickers, but we also had to witness that moment all players of The Last of Us game were dreading; Tess’s death. Although it differed from the 2013 Naughty Dog title, Tess went out like a hero after receiving the “kiss” of death from an infected.

As season one’s episodes roll in, more types of infected will make themselves known and if you haven’t played The Last of Us Part 2, you may want to get yourself prepared for what’s coming as the infected are about to get much worse.

What is the Rat King in The Last of Us?

The Last of Us is filled full of horrors around every corner so if just the mere sight of clickers makes you run behind your sofa, you haven’t seen anything yet. Although not found until the sequel to the 2013 game, the Rat King is a giant mass of multiple stalkers, clickers, and a bloater all joined together by the Cordyceps fungus in what can only be described as the ultimate nightmare fuel.

Much MUCH worse than a bloater, the Rat King has super strength due to the collection of infected weaved together in one gigantic collection. It has the ability to smash through walls, doors, and anything else that gets in its way and for anyone to want to go up against it, make sure you have a bucket load of ammo and fire to even attempt to bring it down.

One of the creepiest things about the Rat King is that after taking a lot of damage, some of the tangled infected start to break off from the mass body and come after you, making it even harder to try and escape.

Why is it called the Rat King?

Inspired by a real-life phenomenon in the rodent world, the Rat King got its name due to how a group of rats was discovered to be attached by their tails and bound together. According to a report, this occurrence can happen as “a result of an entangling material like hair, a sticky substance such as sap or gum, or the tails being tied together.” so it’s easy to see where the dreaded creature in The Last of Us got its name from.

When could we see the Rat King in HBO’s The Last of Us?

Thankfully for viewers, the Rat King probably won’t show up until much later in season 2 of HBO’s The Last of Us. As the series has so far followed the timeline from the game, the Rat King appears in the second game, The Last of Us Part 2, where Abby comes across the horrifying creature in a hospital basement in Seattle.

There’s always a chance we could see it in the first season in a different circumstance and there even could be more than one of these disgusting beasts to contend with so keep your eyes peeled and your cushion at the ready!

The Last of Us continues on Sunday, January 29 on HBO and HBO Max. For UK viewers episode 3 will be available on Sky and NOWTV the following day.

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