Knowing that space pirates would be a theme in The Mandalorian’s season 3 premiere, fans were hoping to see Star Wars: The Clone Wars characters, Hondo Ohnaka, and we also reveal if the character is still alive or succumbed to death.

Fans also got their first glimpse at live-action space whales from Star Wars Rebels, which in turn, teased the upcoming appearance of Rebels protagonist Ezra Bridger.

Created by Jon Favreau and starring Pascal as the titular bounty hunter, The Mandalorian follows Din Djarin who is hired to track down a child known as Grogu – more commonly Baby Yoda – but ends up doing everything he can to protect him from Imperial forces.

**Warning – Spoilers ahead**

Star Wars fans want to see Hondo Ohnaka in The Mandalorian

After the season 3 premiere came and went, most Star Wars fans agreed that Gorian Shard, the pirate boss, was a worthy fit and they hoped to see more of him.

However, fans’ expectations of seeing Hondo Ohnaka were another topic, with most agreeing that they would love to see a live-action Hondo.

There’s a chance that more pirates will appear throughout season 3, with Gorian Shard still searching for Mando.

Is Hondo Ohnaka’s death part of Star Wars lore?

No, Hondo Ohnaka is still alive within the Star Wars timeline.

The pirate has had brushes with death, of course, including his fight against Anakin Skywalker in a nysillin spice village on the planet Felucia. The pair engaged in a duel that saw the Jedi get the upper hand and nearly saw Hondo fall to his death over a cliff.

The Mandalorian is set around 30 years after The Clone Wars ended, and since Hondo was a part of the Clone Wars, that would make him 30 years older than his initial appearance. Luckily, Hondo’s race of Weequay usually has an average lifespan of 90 years, making his appearance likely.

Hondo Ohnaka wearing goggles and a helmet standing with other space pirates in Star Wars: The Clone Wars
Star Wars: The Clone Wars – Cr. Lucasfilm, Disney Plus

The Mandalorian episode count and release schedule

The Mandalorian season 3 is confirmed to have eight episodes, following the episode count of its previous two seasons.

Season 3 will follow the pattern of most Disney Plus shows and release weekly, in this case, every Wednesday.

Each installment typically lasts between 30-50 minutes in length and the below release schedule confirms the season 3 finale will take place on Wednesday, April 19, 2023.

Season 3’s full release schedule outlines when you can catch every new episode of The Mandalorian until the finale.

Din Djarin pointing at Grogu's cart in The Mandalorian - Who is in The Mandalorian suit? Introducing Lateef Crowder and Brendan Wayne.
The Mandalorian – Cr. Star Wars, YouTube

By Jo Craig – [email protected]

The Mandalorian season 3 is now streaming on Disney Plus.

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