With our hearts still heavy from HBO’s The Last of Us episode 3, we take a look at what Ellie found in the latest installment of the series.

Another brilliantly impressive and heartwarming, although tragic, episode of HBO’s The Last of Us has aired and we are all still wiping away our tears. In the latest installment of the series, viewers got an in-depth look at hard-core survivalist Bill’s backstory and his wonderful relationship with Frank.

We also saw a short but sweet interaction with Joel and Ellie as they made their way to Bill’s town but before they did, Ellie found something in the store’s basement as well as in Bill’s house later on – what was it?

What did Ellie find in episode 3?

As Joel and Ellie made the trek along the country roads and hills on the outskirts of Boston, Joel stopped at a store where he had previously hidden some supplies. As he searched around trying to find where he put it, Ellie took herself off for a wander into the back store room. There, under all the rubble and trash, she found a trapdoor that led to the store’s basement.

Upon opening the trapdoor and jumping down, Ellie finds a blue box of tampons with the name ‘Pearl’ on them. With this being the post-apocalypse and sanitary supplies like this extremely rare to find, Ellie quickly grabbed the box and stuffed them into her backpack.

Later on, when Joel and Ellie arrived at Bill and Frank’s house, Ellie found a clean red shirt to wear after a very much-needed shower. This particular red shirt is an easter egg from The Last of Us game where Ellie wore an image of coconut trees located on a beach, with a setting sun in the background. An exact replica of the one she found at the house.

Another easter egg that fans many have missed is the shirt that Joel put on after his shower at Bill and Frank’s house is the exact same one Frank wore when he told Bill that he was inviting some friends over for a meal. It’s also the same iconic green checked shirt Joel wore in the game.

The Last of Us continues on Sunday, February 5th on HBO and HBO Max. For UK viewers episode 3 will be available from 2 am on Sky and NOWTV the following day.

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