DC fans have waited a long time for Robin to return to the silver screen, after the character’s brief appearance in the television show, Titans, and we explain who the parents of the beloved comic character Damian Wayne are.

Robin last appeared during Joel Schummacher’s double Batman feature Batman Forever and Batman Robin, played by Chris O’Donnell.

The sidekick was briefly referenced in Zack Snyder’s movies, suggesting the director was planning a flashback at some point in the future of the now-scrapped universe.

Who are Damian Wayne’s parents?

Damian Wayne’s parents are Bruce Wayne and Talia al Ghul and the kid remained a secret from Bruce for a long time, existing as his only son.

Talia al Ghul is the daughter of classic villain, Ra’s al Ghul, and she raised Damian, alongside the League of Assassins, for the first ten years of his life.

After being trained as a formidable martial artist approaching pre-teen, Talia decided to tell Bruce of his existence and subsequently leaves Damian in his care.

Damian is known to be spoiled and violent, or as James Gunn calls him “a little son of a b****,” but he soon develops a want to help Batman fight crime after donning one of Jason Todd’s old Robin tunics.

Damian Wayne comic book image
Damian Wayne – Cr. Variant Comics/YouTube.

Javon Walton fan cast as Damian Wayne

The youngster known for his role as Ashtray in HBO’s Euphoria’s is currently the fandom’s number-one pick to portray Damian in the DCU.

We know the actor has the potential to hone Damian’s strong character, and just like his relationship with Fez, he also has the potential to display a convincing father-son rapport with Batman on screen.

The Brave and the Bold announced in DCU’s Chapter 1 line-up

Based on the comic book series by Frank Morrison, The Brave and the Bold will focus on Bruce Wayne’s relationship with his son, Damian, who will transition to become Robin.

DC fans have already fan cast Oliver Jackson-Cohen as Batman in the new feature, who may serve as the Caped Crusader of the DCU while Robert Pattinson pilots the Elseworlds version.

Chapter 1 of the new and improved DCU is titled Gods and Monsters, which will reset the shared universe as we know it.

Below, we have included a list of every new comic-book project announced by DC Studios:

Batman and Damien Wayne on The Brave and the Bold comic cover
DC Studios – Cr. DC, YouTube.

By Jo Craig – [email protected]

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