Changes in how Tess dies in The Last of Us game compared to the HBO show sees the kickass survivor come face to face with an infected.

Warning: Spoilers from HBO’s The Last of Us episode 2 and from the game

Now that we’re sucking diesel ( you may want to look this saying up if you’re not Irish) in HBO’s The Last of Us episode 2, things are really starting to heat up in the world of Ellie, Tess and Joel. Just in case you’re new to The Last of Us’ universe, there aren’t many happy endings, so it’s best not to get too attached to the show’s characters.

As we saw the trio leave Boston’s QZ at the end of episode one, episode two brings with it unbearable horrors in Neil Druckmann‘s directorial debut, especially for Tess who, like in the game, dies after being infected but the show has changed how we say goodbye to the legendary survivor. Let’s look at the differences…

Exploring how Tess dies in HBO’s The Last of Us compared to the game

In Naughty Dog’s 2013 game The Last of Us, Tess receives a bite from a runner in the museum area as the group encounters a host of different infected. She doesn’t tell Ellie or Joel straight away and only discloses this when they reach the capitol building, with the help of Ellie who realized she had been bit.

It’s here that the differences take hold. In The Last of Us game, and just as the FEDRA pull up to the building, Tess tells Joel she “won’t turn into one of those things” and will keep the military at bay as Ellie and Joel make their escape. The building is then swarmed with FEDRA soldiers where Tess is able to kill a few until they finally take her down, shooting her dead.

In the HBO show, Tess is bitten by a Clicker instead of a runner, and while the group embarking on the Capitol building is the same as the game, instead of FEDRA, a horde of infected charge the building. Noticing cases of ammo and barrels of oil, Tess tells Joel “save who you can save.”  and to leave with Ellie in hopes of finding a cure. As Ellie and Joel leave, Tess opens up and knocks over the cases of ammo as well as spoiling out the oil. As the infected swarm the building, Tess tries igniting her lighter but fails all the while an infected makes it’s way closer to her.

Just as the individual infected reaches Tess’ face, tendrils pour out of its mouth, embracing Tess in a disgusting death kiss. Thankfully, her lighter finally works and the entire building explodes in a rage of flames, bringing the horde and Tess down with it.

Anna Torv reacts to Tess’ death scene

In a conversation with CinemaBlend, Anna Torv who plays Tess in HBO’s The Last of Us was also pretty shocked and grossed out upon learning of her death and how much it differs from the original game.

“Yes, it was pretty gross. But thankfully that all kind of came in post, so it wasn’t as gross on the day. Which was a relief.” Torv continues “But yeah, I didn’t really know what that was supposed to be. When I read it, or when they were describing it, I thought it was gonna be a bit more operatic or something, I wasn’t quite sure. And then I’m like, ‘Oh, no, it’s just gross.’ And it’s done, like mwah.”

HBO’s The Last of Us Episode 3 will air at 9 pm EST on January 29 in the US and at 2 am on January 30 for those in the UK.

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