After showing dirty politics and conflicts for ten weeks, season one of House of the Dragon is close to its end. However, there’s still one more episode left, and HBO has released a new trailer for the finale. The preview for Episode 10 teased Daemon singing a song to a mysterious new dragon. We’ve yet to learn more about this new beast, but House of The Dragon Source revealed on Twitter that the dragon’s name is Vermithor. Now, fans want to know about its rider.

The Targaryen Civil War is about to begin as Alicent and Otto announce Aegon as the successor of Viserys against the king’s wishes. Besides this, the entire thing has been hidden from Rhaenyra and Daemon. The latest preview trailer of the upcoming episode teased the aftermath of Aegon’s coronation. While things are likely to take a darker turn, we can see Daemon sing a High Valyrian Lullaby to a dragon, who is said to be Vermithor.

Dragonrider of Vermithor in the books Explored

Vermithor was claimed by Prince Jaehaerys Targaryen when he sat on the Iron Throne in 48 AC. Jaeherys rode Vermithor until he died in 103 AC, and after that, the dragon did not let anyone else ride it.

More dragons were needed during the Dance of Dragons, so several people tried claiming Vermithor. In fact, one of the people who tried claiming the dragon died after Vermithor burned him. However, the Dragon later accepted Hugh Hammer, a blacksmith’s son, as his rider. Along with the other dragons, including Seasmoke, Silverwing, Vermax, and Sheepstealer, Vermithor participated in the Battle in the Gullet and luckily survived it.

House of the Dragon Episode 10 Preview

The trailer shows Rhaenys delivering the message of Aegon’s coronation to Rhaenyra and Daemon. She says The Greens are coming for you and your children. After that, Daemon asks Rhaenyra not to surrender in front of the Hightowers as they have stolen her birthright.

Later, we see several men standing around a table that has several wars of Westeros painted on it. The trailer also shows Aemond removing the eye patch. Moreover, Daemon is seen singing a song to a giant dragon. So, it’s safe to assume that the Prince is getting ready for the upcoming fight by adding one more Dragon to his army. The episode promised plenty of deaths.

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